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2015-03-30 - 12:01 p.m.

Here I am once again, spreading the good news. I am a much healthier girl than I was before. I've just come through a sudden flu-like illness without developing bronchitis! This is the second time I've been sick since I started exercising regularly and didn't get bronchitis. This is fantastic, since I had previously gotten bronchitis EVERY time I had a cold for more than a decade before I started the daily exercise. I am no longer a person who gets bronchitis every time I catch a cold. This is so great.

Bwah, the best thing you can do in case of a SHTF scenario is be as healthy as you can possibly be. People tend to reject the idea of cutting out sugar and carbs without even trying it. People like to chalk it up as unhealthy, because they don't want to radically change anything they are currently doing. I've gone on the old fashioned Atkins diet myself and just *behaved* until I was too sick of eggs and cheese. Then, you go off and quickly regain what you lost. That is not the kind of diet I'm talking about here. This is a lifestyle change. A new way of being.

What I am doing is a sustainable, enjoyable, abundant lifestyle. It is a lifestyle in which you can actually eat any time you want, until you're satisfied, and you don't have to count calories or anything. When you become keto-adapted, your body burns fat instead of carbs. You just stock your kitchen with these good and super satisfying foods so that when you open that fridge, whatever you grab is something you can have without compromising your regimen. High fat foods taste good and fill you up. The absence of carbs keeps the fat from building up. If you don't believe it's healthy, give it a good try and get labs taken. Your cholesterol levels will improve. You can't refute the science. You will lose the excess weight, become more mentally clear, and kick much more ass physically.

I ran out of ketostix and since I eat so few carbs, I just didn't get new ones for a long time. I know I'm not going to break my diet. Out of curiosity, I just got a new supply (less than 10 bucks) and BOY, are my ketones kicking! I am just living my life in ketosis. My blood sugar is normal. I'm healthy. I was killing myself with carbs.

Once again, know this: Carbs create inflammation in your body. That inflammation causes things to happen over time. Things like insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hormone disturbances, heart disease, thyroid disorder, and unhealthy cholesterol. The inflammation causes your liver to manufacture cholesterol that clogs your veins. It is carbs, not high fat food that creates a dangerous cholesterol level.

Before I started this lifestyle I loved things like cheetohs, cheez-its, bread, sugar, pasta, rice, and potatoes. I mean, those were my food groups right there. I remember that they were tasty. However, I don't feel that emotional attachment anymore to those kinds of foods because for one thing, cheetohs are not food. Seriously. They are flammable, chemical laden plugs of inflammation. (Tasty, tasty plugs of inflammation.) The great news is that once you get off carbs, some kind of magic happens and your addictions start to fall away. Without you having to TRY or concentrate on it or actively deny your love for carbs... those addictions just start to fade away on their own. Before you know it, you just don't care that you are not eating those things. Once you realize how many really good foods you can have and how there are delicious low carb alternatives to everything bad, you are FREE.

I am FREE from my old addictions. I will NEVER revert to my former self. I'm done with that. I'm not just hanging on by my fingernails, trying to behave. I am living my preference now! This is my preferred way of eating. I started this for blood sugar reasons, but a happy little side effect of this lifestyle is that your body just starts to become what it should have been all along. The excess melts away and the muscles remain strong and healthy (and shapely). My respiratory system is saved. My blood sugars are normal. I have energy, stamina, and I am once again bright eyed and vibrantly healthy. Added bonus: Sugar feeds cancer. When you are in ketosis, there is not enough glucose floating around to proliferate cancer cells. I'm not saying you can't possibly get cancer, but when you are keto-adapted, you're greatly reducing cancer's ability to live and thrive. I just have a *knowing* that this is the path to health.

Health and happiness!!

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