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2015-03-03 - 10:56 a.m.

I'm a new mommy. I went and got a new puppy. It's just like having a baby. There's lots of gear and work involved. He is entirely too cute. I texted my bwah to get him to look at my facebook post. I'm sure he did see, but he couldn't bring himself to click like or make a comment. I look forward to the day he drops the cold shoulder. There is no need to hold a grudge against someone who loved you then, now, and always.

Speaking of my dearly beloved... Bwah, I'm talking to you directly now: I have discovered the path to optimum health. I want you to have it, too. You probably haven't changed a peg since I saw you last and at that time I felt you were at the very least, pre-diabetic. You've hurt your pancreas and probably your liver. I know your heart suffers, because you had that episode of swelling and low sats. That was congestive heart failure, love.

I love you enough to genuinely want health and happiness for you, even if it is with someone else. I know the path to fixing your health and I can and will help you get there, painlessly, without hunger, without ill effects.

Here's what: I'm pretty sure that you won't want to acknowledge this woman who has loved you for all these many years, but you can watch the youtube videos for yourself. Search Dr. Eric Westman, search ketogenic diet, look for body builders who use ketogenic diets, search Dr. Jeff Volek, Dr. Mercola, Dave Asprey, etc) and see the science behind it all.

Know that if you were here with me, this would be your lifestyle already because I would be cooking you these foods and challenging you to keep up with me physically! Know also that if you decide to drop the cold war and correspond, I will give you tips and recipes... hell, I'll even give HER the tips and recipes.

This lifestyle is THE way to reclaim health, lose weight, balance hormones, boost metabolism, get physical endurance, and on this plan you just cease to be hungry. Any time you are hungry, you eat. Good stuff, not rabbit food. You need food to fuel your body, but when you are in ketosis, you just lose the cravings for carbs and you cease to be hungry. Once your body changes over from using carbs for fuel to using fat for fuel, your brain stops sending hunger signals to get you to eat more carbs because it's now burning fat and ketones for fuel and your body has plenty of that on hand. I'm convinced that this is how we humans were meant to eat. You'd love the food too. Meat, butter, deviled eggs, many yummy things.

I'll help you as a friend right now. If not, someday when you find yourself with no reason not to contact me I will help you then.

Take the advice on how to prevent keto-flu. If you start the diet and lose water fast, you could deplete your potassium and have headaches and muscle cramps. Your electrolytes can get imbalanced, but this is easy to avoid if you do it right. If you don't do it right, you'll think it's hurting you and you won't stick to it and get the benefits. If you want to wait till you're free and come home to do this with me, we can arrange that. :-)

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