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2015-03-02 - 10:57 a.m.

I had a weekend with my family in Louisiana. It was a very nice trip that was unexpected. I hadn't been planning on going this weekend and then suddenly I did. I called my parents after I was already on the road to let them know I was hurtling towards their house.

My dad showed me all these pictures from my folks' vacation in North Carolina last fall and he went into a bunch of other pictures from the past. At one point a picture of my Corey pops up and it is the absolute best picture of him. He looks so handsome and lovable in that picture. He was being sweet to even let my dad take a picture. I'll share that pic with him one of these days. He will one day be willing to communicate.

I have physically changed a good bit since my folks last saw me (more than I thought, apparently) and my mother kept commenting on my butt. It was funny, though somewhat awkward. Hah! She finally said "Well that butt makes me want to go get a treadmill, set it on a high incline, and get after it!"

Let's just say my gluts are well-developed. My body responds well to exercise and I am blessed to be able to sculpt myself pretty easily if I want to. I've been running uphill for a couple of miles every day and it shows. I feel pretty good about it all.

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