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2020-12-14 - 5:33 p.m.

My little side kick has a lot more energy than I do. He wakes up before me on the weekends and on weekdays like today, which was a snow day. I start my work day at 9 am, so I can sleep till almost 9 if not for having to catch the school bus. We have a deal whereby he can get up and go to the restroom when he wakes up before me and he can play in his room or in my office with my computer until I get up, as long as he does not wake me up. Very important not to wake up Sensei Wu (that's me)

Today he did not wake up Sensei Wu, which was awesome, but he did break Sensei Wu's white out reel and it is the third time such an unthinkable thing has occurred. I had previously apprised him of the "Three strikes, you're out" rule and since he blew it, he is no longer trusted in Sensei Wu's office. He has lost the privilege of playing with my computer for LIFE. I happen to know he is getting a laptop of his own very soon, so he shall not languish without benefit of computer games for long. But he will be staying out of my things since he apparently cannot resist the urge to pull all the white out tape from the reel. I don't understand the attraction, but it is what it is.

He is obsessed with Ninjago and all the ninja citizenry. Ninjago is a great little show. I call the boy "Ninja" and he likes that. It comes in handy when I'm trying to get him to behave because Ninjas have great self control and they don't disobey Sensei Wu. When I am telling him what I want him to do, he bows and say s"Yes, Sensei Wu". It's pretty funny.

The school is awfully casual with my time. Today was a snow day and they had the nerve to expect me to guide him through a minimum of 5 school activities and attend a Zoom meeting. We did zero of these things. That oughta be good 'nuff. I didn't get a day off! I was still working. Who do they think is going to spend their day making up a school day? ::le sigh:: I had a serious talk with my ninja about willful disobedience and how medieval Sensei Wu is apt to go if he does not learn the self control of the ninja brethren and endeavor to reach his full potential, which is the whole point of him living with me. He has agreed, though I have heard this before. Time will tell.

I left this entry in progress and it is now hours later. We did the 5 school activities and he has stuff to turn in tomorrow. I'm glad his little ass is in bed and going to be in school tomorrow. I'm officially tired of this day.

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