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2018-11-13 - 12:51 p.m.

Hey... not feeling this whole work thing today. Luckily for me, I'm at home. So I can mess around and not work without being seen by a micromanager. It is cold as hell outside. We had a very nice fall season here, but it jumped right into cold weather too soon. It actually snowed here yesterday! Right now we have 28 degrees (Fahrenheit). It's quite brisk out there. My dogs must wonder what the heck happened. We've been living in a basically tropical climate for their entire lives and now they have snow. I got up on Sunday and baked an incredibly yummy banana cranberry walnut bread. I put sour cream in it. Baking sweet breads is sort of my super power. I invited my family over and we ate that thing up with some good coffee. Yesterday, I didn't have any bananas left, but I had some apples, so I made a fresh apple cake loaf. It is ridiculously good as well. I still have most of it left because it was Monday and everyone is busy on Monday. I've got some relatives coming tomorrow, so I got some more bananas and I'm going to have another one ready when they all show up. I went forth yesterday, hunting and gathering to replenish my supply of ingredients. I also bought 30 eggs. Cause I'm nuts. I don't like to run out of eggs.

One time I went on a vacation with a bunch of my family members to Tennessee and couldn't get any protein for breakfast. We had a bunch of junk at the cabin and no one wanted to go out for a proper breakfast. I need protein in the morning and if I can't get it, I don't feel very good. Now I know if I go on vacation with that bunch, bring some boiled eggs or protein shakes. I would still suffer if I had shakes but no eggs. I'm like a vampire, but I feed on eggs rather than blood.

I need to get my work done so I can really focus on goofing off.

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