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2018-08-17 - 10:18 a.m.

Today is August 17, 2018 and it is 68 degrees outside. That is my favorite temperature. I just moved from a place that is 97 degrees today. Color me happy. My sister and I call each other very often to say "This heat wave is killing me" and then we laugh and laugh.

A couple of days ago, sister and me had our morning laugh and made plans to take our friend out for a birthday dinner that evening. Shortly thereafter, my sister started texting me frantically, telling me that my ex husband was in town and was expecting us to drop everything and come unload his packing containers. (The nerve.) I paid thousands of dollars so 2 burly men would carry in all my stuff. My sister did the same. My parents did the same. But cheapo got 3 packing containers, loaded them himself, and then didn't arrange for someone to come unload them because in his childlike brain, he imagined that we would all drop everything and come running to do his donkey work even thought we paid a lot of money not to have to do our own donkey work. Not quite sure how he got to that conclusion (he does know me after all), but there ya have it. He really thought we could all just tell our bosses to go scratch and take off for a day of grunt work. I sent him a message telling him my parents are old and not to be used like rented mules.

That sounds hostile and I truly wish them no harm. They have 4 little adopted children (cause he's crazy) that need love and family and I intend to give it to 'em. But I will not be unloading anyone's trucks. ha.

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