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2018-06-14 - 8:01 p.m.

So I think I have mentioned that nothing about my move went smoothly. My house sale got messed up, my house purchase had problems that are still being worked out, none of my equipment worked right in my office, and the movers were nice and personable, but they committed a multitude of nearly unforgivable sins.

They broke stuff, they scratched stuff, they did not protect my computers, they did not keep my direcTV stuff all in one box, they did not keep my office equipment together, they scratched my precious coffee table that I asked them to treat extra special, they threw my precious breakable things in boxes, toy-box style. A mercury glass lantern from pottery barn that cost a small fortune was just tossed in a box with other heavy, hard items. I cannot believe it didn't break. I can't find my wine. I carefully packed a box with about 6 or 8 bottles of wine, one of which was very special to me, because it came from Maynard James Keenan's vineyard. I'm hoping it's one of the unopened boxes.

I haven't had much time for unpacking during the work week. I had non-stop technical difficulties all week. At the end of the day I just don't want to unpack. I'm hoping to get some done on the weekend.

I'm apparently a fault finder and a complainer, or so I feel that way after moving into this house. First the pergola was gone, then I moved in and discovered that there is a missing vent in one of the closets. There's just a gaping hole where a vent should be. My water pressure is so low I get cold in the shower while the hot water is running over me. There is no towel bar in the master bathroom (how did they overlook these things?) and the entire sprinkler system is not installed. I guess they thought they would just skip over that. My neighbor came and told me that the HOA covenant says each house must have a sprinkler system. My realtor said that the builder has to add it since it is in the covenant. So yay. In the mean time, I'm watering the yard manually and this is not my idea of fun. This builder is an asshole and I think he has gotten too big and successful to care about his customers. But my realtor is a pit bull, so I feel like she will get it done.

I've been thinking about my lost sweetheart/narcissist beautiful fucked up man. I miss him a lot sometimes. I loved him so much no matter what ridiculous, crazy thing he did. I'm better off without him, but ::sigh:: ya know... bleh.

I have to go move the sprinkler. ::flat stare::

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