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2018-04-30 - 2:41 p.m.

I'm freaking out. This is mostly just me, stressing because I'm having stressy life circumstances. I need a valium or something. The sky is not falling, yet. I'm just feeling overwhelmed and I have no one to turn to. My support system people are all busy with their own crazy messes.

I'm going to use this forum to talk myself off the ledge.

So... recap: I found a house to buy in the Ozarks. It's awesome. I have to sell my house here, ASAP. I want to use the money from the sale of this house to pay down my new house and get a lower mortgage payment. I took the bad advice of an apparent nipple head to hire an agent she liked. I kick myself for this wrong move. I should have interviewed a few agents and negotiated the realty fees. Nonetheless, I hired someone on high praise from a nimrod that I now know shouldn't be trusted. She recommends everyone highly.

Aforementioned agent came over and weaseled my price down 5K. I now know this only made her less likely to have to work. It put my house UNDER-PRICED.. hence, easy sale for wily, shark-like agent. She got my signature agreeing to pay her a whopping 6%. That comes out to a whole lotta thousands. It's the going rate, but still, I've found a reason to be pissed. As soon as she got my financial obligation in ink, she left town. She went on a short trip to New York and then a nice long cruise where she was unreachable. I was turned over to her partner, who was supposed to represent me while my agent was gone. All she did was hard pressure me to accept the first offer, no matter what the circumstances, and she refused to do what I told her to do, which was inform all parties there were multiple offers. She dropped the ball on my negotiations. You see, a bidding war takes time and she had a date with her jammies. I told her I wanted to suspend negotiations for the night and pick it back up tomorrow and she flat refused. I'm the flipping seller. Whatchoo mean you refuse?

So... she ends up misrepresenting me instead of representing me. She stops my bidding war, mid negotiation. She told me one buyer dropped out. Next day I find out that buyer did not drop out was was ready to fight to the bitter end. This battle axe cost me money I could have had. I'm beyond pissed. To make matters WAY worse, I realized why she was pressing me so hard to take one offer over the other. That offer was also going through their same realty company, so that office gets both ends of the commission. I was livid when I realized that little nugget of truth.

I emailed my agent to let her know how her clients are treated in her absence. She called me when she got back, listened to my story, and then said her partner is a great agent and all kinds of professional and she just can't imagine her really doing that. I cut to the chase and asked her to reduce the fee, to reimburse me for my losses, at least partially. She says they neverrrrrr do that. I wonder if her boss will agree. Or her boss's boss.

I also had asked if the buyers could make the closing date a little quicker to allow me to close here and then close in Arkansas and she said yes, they can, but they will now require a $1000 deposit in case of any damages to my house that are discovered after I'm gone.

Well guess da fuck what? I have their signature on a contract that says they accept this house as is. There is no deposit. I think that is BS, probably made up by my agent who now would like to annoy me, I suppose.

I said no. I told her that I don't agree for any part of the sales price of my house to be optional. Eh-NO. If they want to cancel the contract, I will collect their 2K earnest money and call the other lady, after I end my contract with my agent.

If there are no further shenanigans, I'll accept the buyer's full offer, with no deposit, no crappola. No new surprises. Not one concession that was not spelled out in the signed contract that I have. If my agent does not make me happy with a fee reduction, I will give the whole scoop to her boss and let him/her decide.

My other worries are about moving, movers, closing dates, doing one or both closes long distance. Who's gonna do my walk through? I hope the inspector doesn't find anything I have to fix. ::sigh::

I need a personal assistant to handle all the little details of life. I think I've mentioned that a time or two, yes?

Also a worry: Can I do a half way decent job at work with all this distraction? I'd better get back to it.

I feel a little better after laying it out here.

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