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2018-04-28 - 5:22 p.m.

I've got a story to tell.

So... last time I updated, the pictures had been taken of my home and I was getting ready for the showings to begin. I was rejoicing in the fact that I had a couple days to rest before the lock box would go on the door and I would be subject to looky loos interrupting my work days. I would soon be having to scoop up my dogs and their beds, food, and water and then leave so people could tour my house.

That was short-lived. My phone rang the day before yesterday and though my house was not yet being shown, there was a house buyer just dying to get in here. I guess the pictures went live before that listing was active, somehow. This realtor was begging me to let them come look. I wasn't ready, but time is of the essence, so I said tell them to come at 6 pm and I will be ready. At 5:10, the realtor called me back and said there was one other looker who was just chomping at the bit to get in here. So I told her to let that person swing by right then, because I was ready. I had to wait for them and tell them to leave the door unlocked for the next people. While I was waiting in my car, I saw them drive up and I saw the potential buyer flipping out over the curb appeal. It is a really beautiful house, I do must say. So I rolled down the window and chatted for a minute and the lady was clearly loving it. She asked about the neighbors and I told her this is my beloved house and I'm sad to sell it, but the whole family is migrating north, so I want to be with them. She was a single lady, like me and would love this house like I do. I felt a kinship with her and had a feeling she was going to make an offer.

So, I left, drove around, parked at the neighborhood pool... waited. My realtor finally texted that I could go home. Later I received a full price offer. I asked if it was the single lady and the realtor who was standing in for my hired realtor told me that it was a family with 2 kids and that they've been looking for a house a long time. They already knew my floor plan and were waiting for one like mine to come up for sale. They said this house was THE ONE. I told the lady I wanted to wait about accepting an offer until both parties had a chance to offer. This woman then told me "You got a full price offer. What more could you want???" I said "A bidding war?" And she told me there is no such thing. Bidding wars only happen in the movies. I was being greedy and this family deserves a home because they offered first. I know that bidding wars are in fact, a thing since I live life and have eyes and ears. So I told her I would like all parties to know there were multiple offers so they could duke it out. She said no way.. she can't do that. We have to accept the first full price offer. I refused to go forward without hearing from the other lady first. Since it took so long, the other people figured out there was another offer and raised their price $1100 more. (but bidding wars do not happen in real life... that is only in the movies) So then the lady started hard pressing me to accept the higher offer and call it a night. I told her to tell everyone that it would resume in the morning and she refused! She said she was settling it that night so that sweet family can go to bed knowing they have a house. She told me the other lady was out of the running and I was just holding these poor people hostage. So I believed her, that the other lady was done bidding. The next day, after the family has been told they can buy my house, this woman let it slip that the other lady was very upset and had said "Why wasn't I given the opportunity to counter offer?"

So... this woman cost me the bidding war that I originally wanted because she was in a hurry to get into her pajamas. I feel like she did not represent me at all. She cost me money and she cost my hired agent money, because her fee is dependent upon the sales price. I'm really pissed about this and the only way to make me happy is to cut their fee from 6% to 4%. That would make me happy. I'm going to try to get that.

Although... I am very happy and grateful that my house sold immediately. I don't have to keep showing it, I don't have to carry 2 mortgages, I got $1100 more than my asking price. I feel almost guilty about complaining. I am happy in general but there is a sense of loss because I knew what I wanted, I voiced what I wanted, and the one who was supposed to be working in my best interests ignored what I was saying and did her own thing to get to her own end. She screwed up my bidding war and refused to do what I said I wanted to do. I hate when hired people don't follow instructions. Especially when it turns out I was right.

My beloved home is sold and I might even be able to work the closing to get all my money before I close on my new house. That would be the best scenario, since I would then get to put down more money and have a lower payment.

Now all I have to do is book the movers, pack like the wind, and GTFO.


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