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2018-04-22 - 4:57 p.m.

Here I am, avoiding chores again. I finished my closet, praise the Lord. I also did the dreaded hall closet that was full of boxes, boxes, and more boxes. It was pretty easy to clean out since it was mostly empty boxes that I was saving because I'm a daft box hoarder.

Now it looks ever so bare and clean. This whole closet cleaning experience has made me commit to turning over a new leaf and being less of a hoard-meister at my next house. My house always looks neat as a pin so I erroneously thought I was a storage champ. Now I know the sorry truth about me. I'm a stasher, a waster, a crammer of items best thrown out or used up. I found un-burned candles, un-read books, unwritten cards, unfilled gift bags, uneaten candies, unopened brand new items. Clothes with tags still on. Magazines never read. So many vitamins and supplements! My closet is like a store. ::sigh::

I'm stopping this madness. I could take a magnificent vacation on the amount of money I have wasted on vitamins and all the above unused items I have bought. I'm truly disgusted. One bright spot: I found this awesome thing I had forgotten I owned. It's a scalp massager, a spidery looking wire do-dad that vibrates on the scalp. You can slide it through your hair and it touches your scalp in a tickley, massagey way. I love it and cannot believe I haven't thought about it in 5 years. I also found a favorite decorative item of mine that I used to always have out on display. I forgot about when I moved in here and it has been packed in a box for 5 years. It's going to look great in my new house. When I get to the new place,I am going to go through all these boxes and keep the things I like and get rid of the rest. I am taking some previously packed boxes with me because I don't know what's in there. So as much as I hate the thought of packing and paying to move junk, I think it is better than wasting time repacking stuff. I don't know... maybe I'll have lots of extra time and I can go through them before the movers come. That sounds real likely, huh?

Now I just have to make my office look like no one actually works in here. I must hide away every trace of my stuff. And... I have to carry all the boxes and stuff I'm storing in my nephew's old room. Gotta make it look bare. I think these goals are doable for today. Here's hoping.

I don't feel super sad about leaving my house anymore. Especially since I know that my fence is going to start needing replacement boards soon.

Life is full of heartbreaking goodbyes. But there are also exciting new beginnings. So life rolls on...

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