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2018-04-15 - 5:03 p.m.

I'm packing my life in boxes. God must be helping me. I'm getting a lot done all by myself. I have a bunch of boxes in the entry way that are all packed up tight and ready to go. I took down most of my decorative things, except wall pictures and I've packed away anything that looky loos don't need to see. I'm about to go pull my car out of the garage and stack those boxes in the garage on the far wall. I just got done getting algae off the front door threshold area. This is a tropical place and algae grows all over. I also cleaned the outside part of the windows today and scrubbed down the garage doors. It looks neat as a pin out there. I still have lots to do. My closet was a chore and a half. I was in there yesterday going through things I haven't looked at in the entire time I've lived here. I put some packed boxes in there and never even opened them. I found my pack of AAA batteries that has been lost for a long time. I found a half full book of stamps! I found some things I bought and never even broke the seal on. I had tons of clothing that I was going to get rid of but decided instead to use it for packing materials. All my breakables are wrapped in layers of clothing. I have 4 giant boxes that pieces of my coffee bar/wine rack came from Pottery Barn in. I have 1 of those boxes in my closet where I am tossing shoes I don't wear, things I don't need, junk mail I've stashed, etc. I will set that out on the curb for garbage day. I hope they will take it. Otherwise I'll have to hire a junk picker upper or something.

So after all this work, I've really only gotten the beginning task done - getting my house ready to be sold. There is still lots of packing to do. So each week, for the next 6 or 8 weeks, I will pack some more stuff for the move and split it up over this time. There is no need to kill myself trying to get it all done at once. I read an article about how to pack a whole house in 7 hours and it was depressing. Seemed very overwhelming. I'm eating this elephant one bite at a time. I need to get some mover estimates and schedule my moving day in the next couple of weeks.

I'm mostly done being sad about selling my house, because I am fully excited about my new one. I really don't have all that much extraneous belongings. I moved to Texas with a car load of personal stuff. I left my Louisiana house and almost everything I owned in it for my sister and her kids. I bought everything new here in Texas. My apartment was very nice and I lived for a few weeks with nothing for furnishings except an air bed and a computer chair. There was a built in desk. Then I bought furniture and things and then when I got this house, all my apartment stuff didn't even begin to fill this house because it was only enough stuff for a 1 bedroom place. I had 3 bedrooms and an office, plus formal dining to furnish so I had a lot of shopping to do. I picked out things I loved, so it's all going to the new place.

I need to go stack those boxes and finish my closet. We are hoping to get the photos done early in the week so today is the day to get it done.

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