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2018-04-12 - 11:14 p.m.

Oh I feel so accomplished! I finally, finally got a repair man to come over and repair a couple of 5 inch pieces of baseboard that have been missing in my hallway since the embarrassing water heater debacle of 2017. I can really procrastinate upon occasion.

So while the "craftsman" was here to replace the baseboards and paint a water spot, I also got him to replace all my high up light bulbs and fire alarm batteries, and he gave me some opinions about my house and what to do if it doesn't sell quickly.

He said I should consider making it into an Air B&B. He knows a guy who has 2 townhouses in this town and he rakes in 150K a year just off those 2 townhouses, renting them out as Air B&B rentals. That's just a side hustle. His main job is big globe trotting businessman. He controls his rentals from wherever he is. He has an app on his phone that can check and reset his AC, heat, lights, etc. The cleaning crew goes around and cleans and restocks after each renter and checks for breakage and needed repairs. They call the repairman guy and he gets permission from the owner to do the repair once he gets the estimate ready.

Dude says I could easily pull $300 a night as an Air B&B rental. It is interesting, I must say. I mean... that's a lot of cheddar if it stays rented. The repair guy said I have a great location for it because I have easy access to the main highway and I'm only 10 minutes or so from an international airport. If I could find a person who manages these rentals as a full time job for not too much of the money, I would maybe do that. I could pay it off in the near future with the proceeds. Something to think about...

So I started working on my closet night before last. My walk in closet is the size of a small bedroom. I have been storing too much stuff in there. I just trashed some things that I've been hanging on to. I still have a lot to do in there, but I put a large trash can, a large recycle bin, and an old TV on the curb for trash day. All that came out of my closet. You don't know how much crap you are needlessly holding on to until you have to pack to move.

I'm moving in about 6 weeks. I think. I could stay here till the place sells, but it might be good to get the hell out so I can let the realtor show it without me having to leave the house. I may stretch it out to a couple months, but I am hoping to have an offer within a short time so hopefully the timing will go well. I close on my new house on May 31 and can move in at any point after that. Exciting! Scary! Tiring! Overwhelming! Exciting again! I am happy because this fall, I will live in a place that is known for being beautiful in the fall. I will get to watch it happen. I'm hoping the forest of trees behind my new house will turn pretty colors.

I have to gather some documents and send them to the banker tomorrow. What fun.

My parents have found a house to buy up there in the Ozarks. It's the nicest house they've ever had. My mom is going to be very happy there. If not, I may choke her. She is given to bouts of depression and lately it has become a full time job trying to keep her talked down off the ledge. She is overwhelmed with the moving situation and she's scared her house won't sell fast. That house is paid for and would be pure profit if she would just lease it out. I tried to get that across to her today. Her friend is a realtor and has offered to take care of it for her. She was engaging in pure crazy talk today. Talkin' bout selling her new house if her paid for old house doesn't sell by July. I told her rent it out! You can get $1000 a month at least, probably more like $1200! She said "But I won't have my cash so I will have to pay interest and make notes on the new house. "No mom, your renter will be paying the interest on your new house. You will not be out of pocket at all and your renter will pay rent which you will use to pay your note and at the end of that, you own 2 houses free and clear and someone else made the payments!" She sounds like she wants it to be bad. She used to not be so negative. I guess that is what we have to look forward to in our old age. Oy.

Once we get moved and we are having family dinners and she is decorating her new home, she will be happier. She had a blast going through my stuff and decorating this and that. She was like a kid in a toy store and I felt bad that she wasn't getting a new house herself. She will finally have granite counter tops and high ceilings. Her new house has a beautiful fireplace and a great big jetted tub. It is really very nice. My sister is already moved, just waiting for the rest of us to get there. We've all been living away from each other for years and now we are finally going to be in the same town.


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