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2018-01-29 - 2:27 p.m.

Happy Monday! I did a little preemptive Mondaying last night so I could mess around today and not stay on task. I'm tired today because last night, for some unknown reason, I was kind of wired and completely unable to go to sleep. It was as if I'd taken in a lot of caffeine or something. I really don't know what happened, but it was after 4 am the last time I looked at the clock before falling asleep for my short nap.

I was a lazy slug this weekend, as I have been every weekend so far in 2018. I have been sick so this was my excuse. Now I am getting a lot better and I'm still lazy. Maybe it's because I spent so much time laying around trying not to die that I wasted away and need to rebuild myself. I miss the boundless natural energy of childhood. I used to just RUN all the time. I played a lot of running games like boys chase the girls (It was a thing) and Red Rover. I think kids today don't understand why anyone would break into a run. Their thumbs are in great condition from constant video gaming, but their legs, not so much... the legs are now kind of unused appendages, except for the sports kids whose parents need them to be very busy.

So... my whole family had the flu. We all caught this scourge from my parents. My sister has sarcoidosis (a lung disease), so this is no bueno for her. She had to move house during her flu. So that was awesome. As soon as she got to feeling a little better, a friend of ours came over to her house and gave her Type A flu. So she was right back in the soup, feeling awful. I talked to her and she seemed like she was not planning to go to the doctor so I urged her to go since she has the same illness that killed Bernie Mac. I actually called her Bernie Mac. This was apparently effective as Bernie Mac decided she better go in. So she got some Tamiflu, strong antibiotics, and prednisone. That was yesterday and today she is MUCH BETTER!! I'm so glad. I was worried about her. I also felt very sorry for her because if I started feeling flu symptoms right now I would be so very bummed. It's too soon! We already gave.

I'm looking forward to getting my paychecks this week so I can see how much of a tax break I'm getting.

My company requires me to do an annoying useless check up every year to get the lower rates on my health insurance. I have messed around till the deadline and now I've got to go today or tomorrow. Bleh. I dun wanna. I'm contemplating not doing it because I am sick of them making me jump through hoops for my insurance. Tired of it!! They torture us for half the year with a check up, blood work, a health self assessment, a lab comparison, and then endless little tracking exercises for "health improvement". Like.. we have to track whether or not we met our goals 5 days a week for like 6 weeks, then you get 10 points. We have to earn 2200 points. So it's just bullshit. Such complete bullshit. It might be worth the money to not do any of this crap.

They ask us to declare things about ourselves, like are you a smoker. So I honestly answer Non-smoker. They draw my blood and when the results come back they give me a message that says "Congratulations! You are not a smoker!" See, I already said that. I already know this about me. Tell me something I don't know! I resent the fact that they are telling us they don't trust us to give honest answers so they test our blood to determine where we lied.

I always bitch in this blog. It's a bitch blog.

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