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2018-01-24 - 2:18 p.m.

Here's a follow up to my last entry about my delicate neighbor and his recent behavior that almost cost him his dick.

I had a very diplomatic statement planned out, designed to let him know that I am still willing to be accommodating and rein in my dog if he will but utilize my phone number which I've previously given, to text or call and let me know when my dog is bothering him so that I may retrieve said puppy from the yard. I wanted to obtain some kind of promise from him that he will not harm my dog again. Instead, when I saw the little weasel out in his yard, I ran out there like a fish wife and told him that a grown man physically engaging with a tiny chihuahua was not a good look for him and that it was not cool that he hit my dog. He first claimed that he didn't "hit" my dog... it was more of an accidental dropping of the tub of water and he didn't intend to hurt my dog. He was adequately sorry for having done such a thing. He swore up and down that he is not a guy who would really want to hurt any animal. I told him that I was afraid he was going to poison him or something and he told me he would absolutely never, ever do a thing like that and that he was sorry that he did anything at all. I forgave him and urged him to text or call if he needs me to get Jax out of the yard, because I really do care about being a good neighbor and I don't always hear Jax barking outside. He's going to have to let me know.

It ended up pretty good. I apologized for Jax being a jerk and the neighbor apologized for acting out towards the dog instead of contacting me. He says he doesn't like to be the nag, texting about the dog. I told him I'd much rather get a text than have him over there feeling upset about my dog and not letting me know. It was a good talk. I've been trying harder to prevent Jax from barking at the neighbor. Yesterday that guy spent many happy hours just sawing rocks to his little heart's content. So that was super awesome...


Last night I dreamed that I was trying to run a business but Chuck Schumer had a say in everything I did and all his ideas were stupid and prevented any business from being done.

::le sigh::

Random fact: One time, in my other blog, I talked a little shit about a family I saw on TV. Their kids were brats and their last name was funny. My remarks about them were hilarious to me. Unfortch, they saw my post and they responded. They were really good sports, but I was kind of mortified. That is why I often disguise things now. I don't want to be googled and called out for talking shit. Or something like that. hahahaha

However, I'm risking it on Chuck Schumer. He is probably too widely hated to ever want to google his name and way too busy being lambasted by the Dems and DACA people (who are mad that he caved in) to be looking online for more negative things about himself.

I'm all done with my main job for today, but I'm still plugging along on my side job. I am not feeling this whole work thing today. I wish I could win the lottery and never worry about money again. If I had a nickle for every time I've wished that, I wouldn't need to win the lottery.

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