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2018-01-20 - 11:02 p.m.

My neighbor in the house behind mine is a delicate little twat waffle. He is the one who gets upset when Jax barks. This is the guy I took Jax to meet in person so he could see that Jax is adorable and friendly. He is just being a dog when he barks at the guy on the other side of the fence. He could make friends with Jax through the fence. Today I found out why Jax barks at him. I happened to witness him stomping at Jax, banging on the fence, being aggressive, and generally provoking him. I went to get some clothes on so I could go out there and collect my puppy and when I opened the door, Jax was running for the door with his head lowered and his tail tucked. My fence was all wet, and there was a heavy hard plastic tub laying in my yard. Jax was soaked. That dweeb lobbed a tub full of water at my dog. Mind you, Jax is a tiny chihuahua and I gave the guy my phone number so he could text or call if Jax was bothering him. Jax had barked at him for maybe 5 minutes when he became so enraged he needed to try to hurt him. Jax was subdued for the rest of the day.

I would like to go over there and beat that pansy's ass.

I am not feeling well and I did not feel like going over there today, but I am going to call the HOA and see if they can warn him about committing violence against people's pets.

Incidentally, this asshole's hobby is sawing rocks with a table saw. He placed his table and saw right next to the fence so his high decibel hobby will be closer to my house than his. I guess he doesn't want to bother his wife with noise. His power tools are many times louder than my little dog. He's out there making racket but he can't tolerate a tiny bark. If I wasn't such a freakin lady, I'd go rip his dick off.

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