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2018-01-11 - 6:59 p.m.

I think I'm going to survive. Today was my first real day back to work this week. See, this would be super awesome if I didn't spend all this extra time off hacking, coughing, wheezing, and hurting. I took a whole week off for Christmas, then New Year's Day, and then I worked a 4 day week, becoming sicker each day and called out all week until Thursday. I'll have a nice easy 2 days on, then off for a weekend again. I shall wipe my no longer fevered brow and sigh "Whew.. thank goodness the weekend has finally arrived."

And then I shall wheeze like a sick cat through another lost weekend.

I have been having this weird symptom that makes my tongue feel like it has been scalded. Really it's the entire inside of my mouth. It's red too. I suspect it is caused by one of the medicines I started taking. It is said to contain a lot of zinc and zinc lozenges make my tongue sore if I take them repeatedly. These were not making my tongue sore, or so I thought.

I've not felt like a person for many days now. I have so much stuff to do so I hate to waste another weekend laying around like a door stop. I only like to do that when it's on purpose. Forced planking is less fun than the voluntary variety.

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