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2018-01-01 - 3:03 p.m.

Right this moment, QVC is finishing up a "Today's Special Value" on some Skecher Go Walk Suede boots that I paid 65 bucks for a few days ago. They are now $39.95. Ouch. I called my mom to let her know of this mark down so she can get herself a pair of these boots that she was admiring on my feet a couple days ago.

Apparently 2017 was a rough one for many people. I am seeing a lot of "Good Riddance" messages on the BookFace. 2016 was the real shit show for me, because that is the year my sister's husband dropped dead in January and then my one true love literally hit a wall and died in July. I have attained pretty good healing at this point. I still get sad sometimes, but overall it was easier to process his death than it was to process his betrayal. As I was driving to my parents' house for Christmas I was thinking about how odd it is to be on the planet without my other half. Even when we were on the outs, it was something of a comfort that he was looking up at the same silver moon as me. I was so fully connected to him, even in the bad times, that it's weird to know that he is gone, never to return.

In happier news, my sister moved to the Ozarks. I'm absolutely green with envy. I cannot wait to join her. The kids are happy as they can be, the dogs and cat have made the transition well. She is renting a house in a beautiful setting where her view out back is rolling hills and small mountains. I wish I could be there right now.

I have a daunting task before me. I've got to sell my house, pack it up, move, find a new home, and start over. I like starting over in a new place. I'm an Army brat, you know. I have been so far into the real estate market in the entire NW Arkansas region that I now know it very well. There are lots of good options for houses. There are a couple of different builders that I like. If I go with one builder it will be a long wait to get into the house. I could go with the other builder and just buy one of several that they've got available. I think I'd like to sell my house and then just find a house to buy rather than build one and wait for it. There are many good ones on the market and new ones being added almost every day. I need to hurry up and sell my house. It is in pretty excellent shape, but I want to have the carpets cleaned and every little thing looking just perfect before I start showing it. Thanks to Hurricane Harvey, you can't get carpet cleaners to take a residential job. They are still up to their eyeballs in restoration jobs. I guess it's good for business to set up shop in a coastal place where hurricanes destroy everything every once in a while. I don't know why anyone ever buys property on Galveston. It's just hanging out there in the ocean, waiting to be flattened again.

The weather is awesomely beautiful here today. It is a nice balmy 41 degrees and sunny outside. There is a hard freeze warning on till Wednesday, but my pipes are wrapped and I guess I'll have to throw a sheet over the plants on the porch and we'll be just fine.

One mo thang: My dad plays Bejeweled Blitz and he has done so for years. A couple of years ago, he got me started playing it and what makes it fun is using these special gems that explode and make lots of points. To get the special gems you have to spend your game points, or coins. I would regularly use up my coins and have to sit out or play unfun gemless rounds to build up more points. My dad on the other hand, had 34 million points. He doesn't use the special gems unless they come to him for free. I don't understand why he doesn't just live it up and use ALL the special gems. But he hoards his points. So over Christmas I asked him how many points he has now. He has 270 million!!! I asked him why he doesn't just go on a spree and use those special gems left and right and I think he thinks he is a better Blitzer because he does it the hard way.

His points are burning a hole in my pocket.

I mean, just use like 5 million of them and have a blast!! just saying...

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