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2017-10-08 - 2:00 p.m.

I'm a lazy git. I am not even kidding. I have so much stuff to do and here I had a whole weekend and I only did one project out of the plethora of projects I wuz gunna do.

My one project: I went and got a big bag of miracle grow potting soil and filled up all my potted plants on the back porch. Little by little, they were losing soil and I've been needing to refill it for a while. What a relief. It was hot as hell out there. One of the big reasons why...

I am moving away from here.

I know I've said that before and here I still sit, but I am really and truly moving. I think I might know what neighborhood I'm going to. I have found a builder who builds houses I really like because they are quite similar to the one I now live in and love very much. There is a house I really love that is for sale right now, but it has 4 bedrooms and an office and a 3 car garage. That is way more than I need. It's about 70K more than I want to spend, too. So there's that. That builder does build a smaller version of that house with 3 bedrooms and a 2 car garage and that is what I'm looking for. They have a whole new section of subdivision that they have just started building, so I might just contract one to be built with the colors I want so I will know where I'm going when I get my house sold. I need to go out there again. I haven't laid eyes on this subdivision, so I've got to go out there before I will know for sure. One badly placed train track can blow the whole desirability factor. One stinky paper mill, one land fill... flood zone...etc can wreck it.

Another option is the mansion. Awhile back, I found this fabulous mansion that is for sale and if I went in with my sister and my folks, we could all live there and each pay a third, which is totally do-able and we might be able to pay cash. I think I can raise my share in cash with the sale of my house. We are a very close family and in many ways I feel like we could do this, but there are drawbacks. I like being the boss, for instance. haha. I like being the only decision maker. If one of the payers has a financial crisis or wants to get money out of the house for something, it would leave the others vulnerable to losing the house if they default. I like living alone. I like to surround myself with the sights and sounds that make me happy. I like to go around under-dressed. It's a trade off. This house is one of a kind, magical, ridiculously opulent. It would be awesome to drive up to that place and call it home. There's room for 5 cars, there are 4 master suites. All the floors are travertine. There is a 2 story glass wall in the living room. There is a round music room. There is a turret. It sits on 3.5 acres of beautiful land. There's an outdoor fireplace and a 2100 sq ft deck. It's just ridiculous in every way. We could have it for less money than buying 3 separate houses. I could be payment free, and start a mortgage on a summer home in Colorado. And yet, as I sit here typing this, I am wearing shorts and nothing whatsoever on top. It was hot outside so I stripped off a little when I came in. Can't do that with a bunch of eyeballs around. See my dilemma? The property is verrrry tempting for me, but I worry about having regrets. I need to go there and think about it. I'm going to plan a trip.

I have a ton of work to do today. I'm covering for 2 facilities, training a newbie, and I have my usual workload on top of that. Plus I have to finish a project that I've put off and it is going to come due while I'm swamped to the gills with this extra work. None of that stuff includes my side job, which is what I'm about to do now. I'm going to get their stuff done today so I can strictly focus on that other load of crap tomorrow. Woohoo! Partay.

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