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2017-09-20 - 1:59 p.m.

Oh muh goodness. I am covering for a facility that I've never dealt with before and my contact person is not good at following instructions. I made them so simple. Here's all I asked for:

1. For the new admits, all I need is the H&Ps. They can all be in one big file.

2. For discharges I need one file per patient with the patient's last name in the subject line so I can identify which file goes with which patient without opening every email. The file for each patient should include all the documentation that was authored by a physician.

That is it... simplified to the maximum degree. Instead of either of these things, I received 1 file containing random progress notes on an array of patients. We went over and over the fact that I won't need any random documents in between admit and discharge. She seemed to pick out the one thing I told her not to do... and she did the hell out of it. She went for broke.

So without any name calling or cuss words, I called her and gently, like a ray of spring time sunlight, went over the instructions again. So far, it's after 2 pm and I have only received 1 patient's DC file. Thank God I'm only covering through Friday. She is slow as molasses and she is about to go into the coder training program. I hope I don't end up with this one to train. Lort.

I receive a minimum of 12 - 20 nuisance calls a day. These are robo calls from criminals who are looking to get credit card info over the phone. It starts with a recording and that recording says "Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services" blah blah... horseshit... blah... and eventually it leads you to press a number to speak with the representative. So I pressed the number and a foreign man tried to shmooze me into giving my credit card info. He tried to make it sound like he could look up my statement. So I asked for his company name. He said it was "Card Services". I got his name. He can barely speak English, but his name is Robert Allen (riiiiiight) so I said "Did you say you can look up my card statement?" He said "Yes that is right, I am looking at it now." SoI said "Ok, then you don't need any info from me. You've already got it." He said "This is for to confirm Madame." I said "I'd like for you to take my name off your calling list." He said "That will never happen, Bitch." I said "Listen up, Bitch, I'm NEVER going to give you any info. I'm never going to buy anything from you and I'm never going to let you steal from me because I am not stupid. Bitch." He kept arguing and in each sentence he called me bitch. So I said "I have no more time for you, bitch. Bye Bitch. Bitch Bye."

I wish there was an app that could just fry the device making the nuisance call. That would be so great.

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