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2017-09-06 - 2:07 p.m.

I have been messing around all day long instead of working. I'm having a really nice day. I am covering for my buddy today so I have extra work, but I was productive as could be this morning and got most of my work and hers done. I also had a call from my current supervisor at work and she was telling me about a new assignment that I will be getting next week. It should be easy peasy, so yay for easy assignments! She also wanted to go over my "annual review", which I passed. She told me no one ever does well on her reviews so she was really pleased that I did so well. She is a stickler and a half. I've made it my policy to find out what she would do in any situation so I can make my work mirror hers as much as possible. This way, I can have successful reviews. Whew, what a load off. I was sweating that review!

In all my career, I have only ever failed one review and that was the time the love of my life died suddenly and it blew my mind. I didn't realize I had lost my mind until they attempted to review my work and found several nonsensical mistakes. It was so surreal, because I thought I could trust my brain. Grief really works you over in all kinds of crazy ways. So this was the one and only time I have everrrrrr failed a review and it took me a whole year to get out of the doghouse after that. The formerly liked boss lost all faith in my abilities. She has less than zero tolerance for human foibles. She has continued to act like I must be mentally retarded ever since I had 1 bad week out of my otherwise perfect record. That is why she is the "formerly" liked boss. haha. I'm not so forgiving my damn self as it turns out. Today, for the first time, I got the feeling she values me again. She sent word with the person who called me today that I should not worry about lacking for assignments because they have a lot for me to do in the upcoming future.

The formerly liked boss has been given the opportunity to promote a couple of people into "area director" positions, so I rarely have occasion to deal directly with her anymore. This is a good thing. My new supervisor is the afore mentioned stickler... and I can vouch that no one ever passes her reviews. My buddy has just recently failed hers and is currently dealing with the nightmare of trying to climb out of that hole. Most of the people who have dealt with this new supervisor don't like her because she is so by the book, she is almost robotic. I have discovered though that she does have a reasonable side and if you can show her a rationale that makes sense, she will change her mind. She is a nice person once you get past the odd presentation.

I am supposed to be free of any further review for one whole year. Let's hope so. I've been reviewed so many times int he past year, it's ridonkulous. I passed every single one except for the one when my guy died. I feel happy to be out from under the microscope for the next whole year. The formerly liked boss's boss was appalled to learn that I even get reviewed. She said "Why would they review YOU? You're the trainer?!" That is what I've been screaming.

The weather is cooler than usual today and it looks like Irma is not going to come into the gulf of Mexico, so I am happy, happy, happy.

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