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2017-08-29 - 12:15 p.m.

Ahhhhh the fresh mountain air... must be nice for the people who are actually in the mountains. I can only think about fresh mountain air since I am stuck like chuck in Hurricane Harvey. Missing the vacation I so painstakingly planned and paid for sucked, but really and truly... it's nothing compared to the threat of a house filling up with water and there's no place to go. I am blessed beyond measure to be sitting here in my comfortable home, no water has come in, the power is on. I feel very lucky. The power did go off and we thought we were just out of luck, but miraculously, it came back on. My power company sent a text saying that it was off due to lightening, so I guess that was an easier fix than say "missing light pole". I have a cousin with a house in Victoria, TX, which was one of the hardest hit areas. One of their neighbor's house burned down because it was zapped with a downed power line. My cousin's house was also spared. My best friend lives right on the gulf and her house is not flooded. That's a miracle, since she is right there where water walls can happen suddenly.

My yard has impressed me. It has drained this whole time and I don't even have standing water in my yard. It's amazing. We've had steady, non-stop rain since Friday and now on Tuesday, my yard isn't flooded still. My neighborhood was designed to drain. If I don't take on water in the "500 Year Flood" I am going to be using that for a selling point!! Worry not! This house does not flood.

My street is not flooded, and I think my whole subdivision is good, but the road that my subdivision turns off of is a lake, so there is no getting out of here. We are totally flooded in. I can't believe my internet isn't down, my direct TV is working. Really, for a natural disaster, this is working out OK.

The kid is pretty bummed that we can't even go to a movie, a restaurant, or shopping. But I am kind of OK with the whole thing, because I get to spend a lot of time with my kid and we are comfortable and well stocked for now. I don't know how long it will be before we can get to the grocery store, so we might get down to beans and rice before it's over, but we have plenty of water and food for a stretch. it's a good thing I over buy. haha.

My nephew wants to come down and be a part of the "Cajun Navy" but I am hoping he stays his Cajun ass home where he is safe. The roads are flooded between here and where he is so I don't really see how he can possibly get here.

There are big helicopters going over my house periodically. The National Guard is out in full force.

Woohoo! Vacation!

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