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2017-08-27 - 12:54 p.m.

I didn't get to go on my vacation. ::flat stare::

Everything was fine on Friday. It barely rained. If landfall had come a couple of hours later, we would have made it out. Buuuuut that is not what happened. Instead, our flight was first delayed and then cancelled altogether. People were really great about issuing refunds, so I didn't lose my money. It's funny how missing vacation was the important thing at first, but now I'm just hoping for no flooding in my house. That will be a win. Rescheduling a vacation is not a big deal,

So... living in a hurricane area is not a good plan for people who don't enjoy natural disasters. Enough of this coastal BS. I'm going to sell my house, if I have a house with any value that I can sell. Not tomorrow, but like, springtime. I think that is the best time to sell.

Our local news channel is off... cause they flooded. You know you are in a situation when the news channel is gone. We are good though. Right now.

More later...

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