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2017-08-07 - 8:12 p.m.

I created a monster when I made my mother a facebook account. She's not ready for today's world or modern technology and she's especially not ready or prepared for the nasty, rotten, filth swilling cowards that live in the interwebs and say things that older people find extremely offensive. It's a good thing my thoughts can't kill, or there would be a good chance of human annihilation happening during my lifetime. Just from me defending my mother.

My mom is a sweet lady who just wants to help and she doesn't go after people, but she has been known to correct a stranger for using filthy language in a public forum. You can guess how that works out. What happens when you tell an anonymous asshole who hides behind their computer to blast the world with the filth they wish they could say to their mom, their boss, or their battle axe of a wife that they should not be so foul mouthed? They change their tune immediately, repent, and sin no more, right? Wrong. They amp up the filth and keep on trolling as before, only more furiously.

God knows I've tried to convince mom that she can't change a stranger's filthy language. Feeding trolls just makes them happy and gives them life.

One time, she wrote what she thought was an inspirational piece about the evils of cancer and how people should do all they can to avoid carcinogens. She mentioned that she had lost several loved ones to cancer and she urged people not to smoke or use dangerous chemicals in their homes. Several people commented that is was a good message... blah blah... but one stranger that none of us know commented that he hoped my mother dies of cancer and that she is a racist asshole. Now... she said nothing whatsoever about race in any form or fashion. She didn't even even mention a color, a trait, or any religion in particular. It had absolutely no hint of racism anywhere in the message and the only thing she said that could even be construed as offensive was "please don't smoke" ... cause you know... smokers do NOT like to hear that people shouldn't smoke. But she didn't harp on that or call any names and none of us know where this jerk came from to make such a rude comment to a lady he doesn't know. He's very lucky I can't vaporize people's heads with the power of my mind.

You know that prissy little neighbor guy who cannot tolerate the sound of a miniature chihuahua barking? Well his baby has now gotten old enough to toddle around and all she wants to do is peek through the fence at Jax. This drives him right out of his mind which he expresses with gleeful non-stop barking. This is their dynamic. It's what they do. And of course no day is too hot, rainy, tornado filled, or lightening laden for this baby to play at the fence. Every. Day.

Every. Damn. Day.

I do not like having to go round him up and make him stay inside so shorty can be outside every single day. Next time I buy a house, I hope I don't have such close neighbors. I really dislike having to be considerate. haha

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