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2017-06-30 - 1:25 p.m.

I blinked and it's Friday again.

Last weekend I was supposed to go see my folks but the relatives that were also coming down postponed their trip for the 14th time and so we are doing it this weekend. And now I don't wanna. I don't use *every* weekend to go see my family 5 hours away from here, but it sure seems like I do. I love to have a nice free flowing weekend where I don't have to be anyplace or do anything unless I want to. After I get there, I'll have fun, of course. But at this point in time, I don't want to sling my stuff together, load up my dogs and all their gear, and make a 10 hour round trip drive for 2 days of fun, family, and having to walk my dogs on a leash because my folks don't have a closed fence around their yard.

When I say my relatives postponed their trip 14 times, I'm not kidding. Over the past year and a half, they literally had us all reserve dates for their visits at least 14 times, and really, it's 15 because they've already cancelled one trip in June, which they had paid airline tickets to lose. Non-refundable! We were all going to go on vacation and they all bailed because they were too cheap to pay their fair share of the cabin rent. The next month, they were coming for Thanksgiving. Not. After that, Christmas. Nope. Then New Years, uh-uh. Month by month, they book and then cancel. But they have dibs on certain times every month that they are "coming for a visit". It looks like they are really going to do it this time, because (I dun wanna... and) the cousin has a long weekend off for the 4th. So she wouldn't have to use as much PTO. But we shall see. The day is young, there is still time to cancel.

I'm trying to call my mom right now to see if those guys are really coming this time. No one is answering. I left a laughing message. Because when I started saying I was just calling to see if the relatives are still coming, it was too ludicrous and I started giggling. I mean, we've been psyched 15 times. Even a sitcom wouldn't push it that far. "They cancelled 15 times". Ridonkulous!

I think I'm going to drive in the morning instead of tonight. Yes. I do believe that will work. I have too much to get done before I can leave and it feels less stressful to sleep in my own comfy bed and just go early tomorrow.

Oy Vey.

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