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2017-06-18 - 2:33 p.m.

Happy Father's Day, Dads!

I sent my dad a DNA kit. I gave my mom one for Mother's Day. I am keen to get a report about their ancestry. I had my DNA done. I'm an Irish/English Viking with 1% Mali African. Love it. I sort of identify as Irish, but there's more to me than that, my friend...

I had a fun chat with my wonderful Dad. He is the greatest. I am lucky to have him as my father. I call him Honorable Fatha and he calls me "Numbah 1 Son". These terms of endearment come from watching Charlie Chan movies together. Everyone who knows my dad loves him. He set the bar so high, both his daughters are single. har har. I love him more than I could ever say, so.. yeah. Happy Father's Day. I didn't go see him in person because Mom is sick right now and doesn't feel like having company. She is getting company tomorrow anyway because of other family stuff going on, so I am actively not adding to the house guest load. My mom's sister is coming to visit so she can go see their brother, who is currently trying to die. He has a bunch of health problems like COPD and liver failure, so it's gotten to that place where my Aunt is worried he will up and die without her getting to see him. So here they come.

I have to do a wee bit of side job work today. As I sit here delaying the task, I realize I am hungry. This strikes me as being the same as when a little kid gets put to bed and all of a sudden they are hungry... need a drink... have to go potty... just anything to stave off the dreaded. I'm lucky my dogs are napping. I don't need to go in the kitchen and get both of them thinking they need stuff. I bet as soon as I pull up my work applications, they'll both wake up and start neeeeeding. That's how they roll.

Recently my sister told me that her daughter was laughing because "she thinks it's hilarious that Dexter is a dot and he runs you". That about sums it up. He is a teeny little miniature chihuahua and he rules the roost with a tiny iron paw. He may be small in stature, but he is giant in personality. I have to take him to the vet tomorrow and I dread it. He gets super stressed out. And he has an odd lump below his rib cage that I'm worried about. I suppose it could be a harmless fat deposit. That is about the only harmless thing I can think of that it might be. ::sigh::

So there's that.

Here's another thing: It has been almost a year since my guy died. I'm healing. Normal healing is taking place. There's a much older lady, elderly even, who always had a big crush on him, since he was just a teenager. This lady worked for his Dad's business and it was kind of a joke in the family about how much she was inappropriately interested in him through the years. He did not return her affection and in fact he told me some really gross things about her behavior, lifestyle, and hygiene. Terrible stories that would completely exclude her as any kind of a possibility, even if she was not "old". She would die a thousand deaths if she knew he told these stories. Though they never had anything more than a proximal co-worker type friendship, she has made grieving him into a full time occupation. She still - to this day - continues to post frequent memes about losing a loved one... pictures she thinks he would like... comments about him...her profile pic is a picture of him. It's like she lost her one true love and she can't get over it. He was a charmer, but dang. Completely inappropriate...

If he was around to know she was doing all that, he would shake his head.

Oy vey.

I guess I'm as ready as I will ever be to get this work done.

Here goes me...

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