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2017-06-15 - 11:06 a.m.

The divide between the Democrats and Republicans has gotten crazy. I am independent, but I lean conservative and here's one of the reasons why: I'm basically a capitalist and I believe that people deserve to enjoy/give away/save/distribute whatever they are willing to work for. In a capitalist society, people have the ability and freedom to live on whatever socio-economic level they are willing to create for themselves, through work and sacrifice. Yay capitalism! Poor people can get their college for free and become financially well off if they want to. (I had Pell Grants cause I was broke ass back in the day)

I respect people who have a goal and make it happen. I value the freedom to build whatever size empire I am willing to exert myself to achieve, and I expect to be able to enjoy what I've worked for and give to causes I agree with instead of having a liberal law maker skim off a huge chunk of my wealth and give it to someone who is able bodied, yet not as motivated to achieve as I am.

I believe assistance is for people who are truly disabled in body and/or mind. I believe able bodied people who are sane, should work. Socialism removes incentive for excellence, because who wants to go the extra mile when it's not going to benefit them in any way? If we ever do become a socialist society, I'm going on the dole. I'm an achiever who gives, but if that endeavor becomes futile, I'll sit back and receive like most of the other achievers. When the achievers give up, the system fails.

So I believe in hard work, achievement, being decent, being honest, taking care of my property, preserving value, above all preserving my freedom, having less government involvement in my life, etc. I observe that democrat leaders seek to take from me and my life gets less good when democrats are in charge. Obamacare helped 1 person I know and screwed everyone else I know. We achievers tend to run with other achievers. I know one dude who didn't have insurance, got Obamacare, and had an illness that was expensive enough that he actually got past the deductible and was able to use the coverage. I guess he was lucky? The luckiest loser.

Meanwhile, my sister's premiums went up to $1100 a month making it impossible for her to afford to carry insurance and she was still fined over 2K for not having insurance all year. Now she has a disease and no insurance. She pays for her health care out of her own pocket and hopes the fines are gone now that Prez Trump took out the mandate. My deductibles went up so high I would have to have a catastrophic illness to ever see a benefit. Meanwhile... there are those who pay nothing and receive all the health care. If you are not a "receiver"... it looks like an evil plot. It looks like the Obama administration was trying to get us to give up and stop trying to earn.

I realize that some people have different goals and values and therefore the democrat platform appeals to them. If I were not planning to work and yet I still wished to have housing and groceries given to me, I would vote democrat too.

Bottom line: When Obama was elected, I was all about giving him a chance. I wanted him to succeed. I liked him. I think he's handsome and charismatic. As a person, he is really likeable to me. I disagreed with just about every move he made in office. I feel like our country lost so much during that 8 years. I didn't like his politics. I didn't like all the sneaky things that were done on the sly to pay money to our enemies and take away our freedoms and compromise the sovereignty of our country. But I never lost respect for the office of president, I never said inhumane or insulting things about him as a person. I would not have gone along with people joking about assassinating him. I didn't want any harm to come to him. I didn't find it funny when people made jokes about Michelle being a transsexual, or laugh at any racist comments or jokes. I think he thought he was doing something good. The pendulum swings back and forth and the last 8 years was the Democrats turn to fuck everything up. I mean, pursue their agenda. Right now, conservatives are up to bat and it is time for democrats to stop obstructing and wait for their next turn to lead.

The liberals have lost their minds, their integrity, and their decency. They have become domestic terrorists. I am offended by the non-stop shit talking, pretend beheading, burning in effigy, Shakespeare in the park, radical, snoop dogg, hateful bullshit that has been going on about the president of our country. Whether you like him or don't, it is damaging to our country to perpetrate all this ignorance. All this hate. All this disrespect.

The colleges that are supporting all the liberal rioting and suppression of free speech when it's a conservative speaker, damaging their own campuses like filthy animals, and allowing the hate group Black Lives Matter to impose "Whitey Stay Home Day" and other such nonsense should be shut down for "investigations" that take months and months to complete. This would create a big financial incentive for those colleges to operate in a lawful and decent manner. Liberals are becoming the terrorists they seek to assist.

The crazy thing is... all these loving and tolerant liberals who fight so hard to keep travel completely open to the 7 failed terrorist states and who are in favor of the globalist agenda are going to suffer the most if they ever succeed. The jihadists have openly made public their plan to infiltrate, become majority, and then change our laws. They are succeeding in Europe. They seek to take over every land and implement Sharia Law, the world over. Sharia law makes it legal to throw your gay ass off a building. Sharia law makes it ok to rape you, social justice warrior, and then punish YOU for getting your ugly ass raped. Women become property, gays become dead, Muslims have all the rights and unbelievers don't even have the right to live.

If Sharia Law is ever allowed to become law in this land, you will find out what evil is.

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