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2017-06-06 - 6:36 p.m.

I have just realized that I am the only person in my whole family who chose my town to live in. That is sad. To make this even more problematic, though I chose this place and love it, I am the only one in my family who is really willing to pull up stakes and move. My sister says she wants to move to the Ozarks, and I believe she does, but whether or not she actually will remains to be seen.

My mom wants to move so badly, but she won't insist... and I really don't understand that since my dad would do anything for her. Their living is made. They are pretty well off financially. They could totally move. Instead of getting a new house that she claims to have wanted for the past 30 years, she stays in that same house she says she never liked and asks me when I'm going to move back there so we can all live close together again.

::le sigh::

That place is in cancer alley... has a paper mill polluting the air with a perpetual toxic fart... brown water... mold everywhere... below sea level... ridiculously high priced real estate... crime exponentially on the rise...loads of litter on the roads... neighborhoods with no sidewalks... small town high prices... an abundance of fire ants and red wasps... where do I sign up?

I'm the trail blazer of my family. I would be equally happy to move to the mountains or keep my house here and go in with family on a big summer home that we could all go to for the whole summer each year. I don't know if I can get these plugs to do any of it.

This all sounds bitchy, but I'm really in a pretty pleasant mood.


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