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2017-06-05 - 4:40 p.m.

I got a phone call from my internet service provider today offering me twice the internet speed and unlimited data for 10 bucks more than I'm already paying.

Hellur! I'll take a dozen!

They told me to unplug and reconnect my modem in 24 hours to get the upgrade, but it's already running at 433 mbps so it did the do already without me rebooting it. I'm happy of this new magical speediness, because sometimes when I'm streaming Netflix there's an annoying buffering thing that happens. I doubt that will be happening anymore. I love bigger better faster more when it comes to technology.

My life is awesome right now because my main job is easy enough that I can do it plus my side job without having to work at night. Most of the time, anyway. Today I won't finish everything because it's Monday and there is a pile up of weekend stuff on Mondays. The rest of the week will slow down though, so it's easy to catch up.

My sister and niece came over for the weekend and we had a fun time. I wish they would move here. They live in a podunk town. We went to a restaurant on Sunday and while we were sitting there, we realized the last time we were there, her husband was with us. He has since died. We both lost our significant others within 6 months of each other. So flipping surreal.

My sister is in ketosis and I should be. I've been keeping the carbs low-ish, but not low enough to keto-adapt. The Apron of Blueness is keeping me from committing fully to my plan. I need to suspend my subscription for a while. ::sigh::

I must get back to the old grindstone. I just popped in to gloat about my internet speed.

::gloat gloat gloat::

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