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2017-05-30 - 3:10 p.m.

I wasted my long weekend on lounging around some more. I guess it's not a waste if I did exactly what I wanted to do. The only thing I did outside my house was go grocery shopping on Monday. I went in there, winging it. I didn't even make a list. I was kind of proud of myself because I was thinking I was precise and effective, going in and rounding up just the things I need before beating a hasty retreat back to my comfy abode.

I did my shopping, came back to my shining, pearl white SUV and opened the hatch only to find a case of water and a pack of paper towels still sitting there from my last shopping trip. Well hey... no problem. I have double water and towels. A good thing. It's about to be hurricane season here in the Gulf.

When I got home and dragged everything in the house, I realized I had other back-up water and towels in the house and it now looks like I'm hoarding for the apocalypse. I have gallon after gallon of distilled water(for coffee) and several cases of bottled water.

It's kind of amusing to me, but just a tad worrisome since I knew a lady who lost her marbles and started buying the same few items every time she went to the store. Every day she would have her son take her shopping and she would buy the same short list of soap, mouth wash, lotion, etc. Pretty soon, her daughter in law was giving these items away to anyone who would take some, because her house was filling up. It's like her record was stuck.

I have loads of work to do today but I'm spoiled from not doing anything since vacation so here I sit, playing online. I'm going to fly into a whirling dervish of activity...

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