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2017-05-25 - 2:49 p.m.

I had zero tasks to do for work today. So my streak of slothfulness continues.

When I took my vacation, I was so swamped I had no time for life. I enjoyed my 9 whole days of nothingness and then came back to even more nothingness. I am not yet bored, people. I'm just happy for the downtime. My only worry is the formerly liked boss realizing I've had it so easy and asking me what I've been doing all this time. I will make some shit up.

I'm supposed to be keto-adapting, but I am still receiving Blue Apron boxes, so I can't get into ketosis. I can avoid carbs outside of the Blue Apron dinners. It's still healthy eating, because everything is fresh and organic. Nothing processed. I cooked the squid ink pasta last night and it was... an experience. It was pretty good... very similar to regular fresh pasta... but with some hot squid ass in there to add a little pizzazz. The description of the pasta said "Slightly briney" and by briney, I'm guessing they meant "doggy". There was a slight wet dog scent in the air while it was cooking. It had a very faint taste of dogginess to it that was easily covered by the lemon sauce, so at first I liked it. But then as the food started to cool down, it smelled more like a dog. So I picked out the shrimp and sugar snap peas and left the majority of the pasta. Oddly, my dogs apparently think "wet dog" is a great flavor.

I've always been curious about squid ink pasta, so now I know. I should get a girl scout badge for this one.

My new student didn't have anything to do today, so tomorrow will be the day she sends in her first attempts. We shall see how this goes. Her supervisor told me if she turns out to be good at this, she is an idiot savant, because she sure isn't good at anything else she has tried on the job there. That's not very encouraging.

I have pretty much wasted this whole day.

I keep starting to write about a thing that happened, but I keep stopping myself. Cause it's such a downer. A young sweetheart of a guy, only 32 years old, just died and I'm triggered about it. Sad about it. Bummed. If life was a sitcom, he would be the comic relief. He was funny and sweet and good. He used to call in to my sister's radio show and he did a very funny character, named "Nancy". The voice for that character was really funny. The two of us had an uncanny similar taste in music and we always liked the same songs. He had pneumonia and he just kept going and pushing himself. He ended up in the hospital and I don't know why they couldn't stop it. He just kept getting worse and eventually he had total respiratory and cardiac arrest. Only 32 years old! He was engaged to be married and he was having success. He was very well loved by my entire home town. RIP Tito.

Can a young man grow old anymore???? WTF?

Now let's talk about rainbows and baskets of puppies or something.

Life is the stuff that happens in between funerals. Ya heard?

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