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2017-05-24 - 4:17 p.m.

It does not suck to be me right now. The formerly liked boss did not mess with me for a week and a half after my return from vacation. I have now been given a new assignment and I will be training a new student who has been hired at the facility I already am responsible for, so it doesn't expand my responsibilities very much. Just the added annoyance of a student who is like a blank slate and needs to learn everything from scratch. I've been told she is an ignoramus, but I've heard that before about students who were not really inept at all. Box-o-rocks, I hear. We shall see. Time will tell.

So yesterday my entire workload for the day was to code 1 chart. Today I had to code 1 chart. This is basically vacation. Tomorrow I will begin grading the new student's first attempts at coding. I dearly hope my workload stays light. I've been jumping through my butt for months trying to keep all the plates in the air. It's about time I got an easy stretch.

My folks came to visit last weekend and my mom had a meltdown. She has a serotonin disorder that is greatly corrected by medication, but she gets it in her head from time to time that she should taper off her meds. This is ALWAYS a bad idea and leads to nothing but misery for everyone involved. She turns into a total worry wart who cries at the drop of a hat and who just loses her happiness entirely. This time, she went off her meds and she swore my kid to secrecy so I would not know. I'm the big bad wolf who puts a stop to her silly plan when I find out about it. She has been in a long downward spiral lately and it all fell apart this past weekend. So she went home and got a new prescription and things are going to be awesome in a few weeks when her levels are built up. She says she has learned her lesson, but I've heard that before. She will be fine for a good long while though. She won't buck the system for a good 2 or 3 years, I predict. I felt very sorry for her, because she was trying so hard to carry it off like she was fine, but then she just crumbled. I wish she didn't feel shame or whatever it is that makes her think she should stop taking the medication that keeps her well. She blows through her serotonin because she worries about things that are none of her business and not within her circle of influence. It is completely futile to worry about things you can't change. My mom also lives her life according to what she thinks other people expect of her. I've always been a rebel. I do stuff that pleases me. I don't care what other people think. As long as you are not hurting anyone or breaking the law, there is no harm in following your own path. I've tried to help her learn to do her own thing. My mom is very sweet and she is always trying to fix other people's problems. That is about 95% of her problem.

I wandered off from this earlier today and forgot to come back. I cooked some squid ink pasta with shrimp and sugar snap peas in a lemon butter sauce. It was pretty good. My sister was grossed out at the thought of squid squeezins and she called me an adventurous mofo.

Guilty as charged.

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