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2017-05-17 - 1:44 p.m.

I've had the loveliest turn of events this week. I hope the formerly liked boss doesn't realize her terrible folly. She has not yet dumped any new assignments on my back even though I finished one facility on my last day before vacation and I am currently enjoying a greatly reduced work load. Like... I'm done for the day. I was done at 11:00 am. It's almost like more vacation days. I hope she doesn't give me anything new for a while. This is blissful. I had a nice long break away from my too heavy workload, and then I came back to a peaceful, slower work load.

I had a wonderful visit with my family over the weekend. We went to my mom's house to celebrate Mother's Day with the old gal. My dad took us all out to dinner. "I'm going to feed all you happy Mothers." haha! It was a very nice, happy, relaxed visit. Kind of like the good old days before our lives were complicated.

My life is way less complicated now, since my major complication died. I love and miss him, but I shall survive.

I think it's going to rain today. It's overcast and quite windy. Bring it, says I. My yard needs a good watering. I have burrs in my back yard and when Jax goes outside, he comes back in with burrs in his fur. I have to painstakingly pick them out of his leg hair and they get on his chest too, and sometimes his ears. I hate them so. I sprinkled some weed and feed all over the back yard a week or so ago and now the burrs are dying, but they are still out there, all crunchy and pokey. I need to get some garden gloves and go pull them all up, but what a chore. Bleh. I dun wanna.

The maids were here yesterday. It's so nice when the house is freshly done. They leave all their little flourishes like vacuum marks on all the carpeted areas, and they fold the end sheet of toilet paper rolls into a fan or a pointy tip. They vacuum every bit of carpet, wet mop every tile and wood flooring area, they dust the blinds and the ceiling fans, scrub the stove top, clean the burners, dust every item in the house, sanitize the tubs, toilets, sinks, wipe down the cabinets, clean the shower door, shine all the fixtures, empty all the trash, make beds, and they will neaten things up if stuff is laying out, but I don't leave things laying around. I keep it very tidy. They are just here to really clean all the surfaces. I bet my house seems like easy money to them. I wonder how bad the average house is that they see in a normal work day.

Both of my mouses on my computers are acting weird. All of a sudden, my work mouse is super sensitive and if I click on things, it does a double click against my will. This makes things happen that I don't intend. Very annoying. My personal computer mouse is just the opposite and I have to keep clicking to make it ever do the thing I'm trying to do. Equally annoying. Why can't these meese just behave correctly??

I got a box from Blue Apron today and I'm having knackwurst for dinner. I am so happy about that. I loves me some knackwurst. The meal will have homemade sauerkraut and potatoes with whole kernal mustard which I dearly love. Ha... Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a knackwurst. Case closed!

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