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2017-05-09 - 4:40 p.m.

A Lady of Leisure am I.

I thought I might be a Lady Who Lunches this week, but alas, I have not lunched. At least not outside my own home. I have stayed my leisurely ass home all week, enjoying the nothingness. I must venture out tomorrow, unless my meeting falls through, which it is threatening to do. I hope it does! I've sorely regretted agreeing to give up part of my staycation to go make a site visit for my side job. I hope they do reschedule. Then I could stay home another day. Someone at that facility informed me that she was not sure the doctors would show up and I am not trying to go over there if the thing isn't going to happen. I was planning to prepare my topics after I write this, but now the whole thing is up in the air. So we shall see. My sister will be disappointed if I don't come to her house. Our mom makes plans to come see her and changes the plan at the last minute every time. It has happened so many times that it has become a joke.

I have not even taken myself out to a restaurant since I've been off. I was thinking of going to this one place and then I googled to make sure they were open and guess what? They are not open on Sundays. So the next day I was thinking of Greek food and guess what? The Greek place is not open on Mondays. I wonder who's closed on Tuesdays... I will probably find out the hard way. Maybe I'll take me out tonight. I might escort me home, invite myself in for a glass of wine, and who knows? Maybe I'll take advantage of myself.

I'm not doing anything exciting with my life. Some people do fantastic adventurous things and here I am... not doing anything fantastic or adventurous. I know what I need to do, but I don't want to do it. Yet. I want to lounge around my house and not have to participate in life with other human beings, for a little while longer. I've taken the whole introvert thing to exciting new levels. This is the danger of working from home. You can turn full-on hermit.

I am planning my next vacation already. I'm going to go to Santa Fe & Taos, New Mexico, or possibly Colorado in the near future. If it's New Mexico, it will happen in September. If it's Colorado, it will be summertime most likely. The kid wants to go on a big vacation, so I will indulge her. It's probably going to be New Mexico. My social life involves a couple of local friends and my family members. It consists of occasional dinners with friends and vacations with family.

Miss Thang needs to let me know whether this luncheon meeting is happening or not. I need to get crackalackin on that speech if it's still on.

I had planned to use this time off to get my car inspected and here I have flittered away 2 weekdays and haven't darkened the dealership's door. Go me! Maybe tomorrow...

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