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2017-05-05 - 11:09 p.m.


I am hereby officially VACATIONING. I'm a lady of leisure. When I got done with the very last task I could possibly do for work today, I walked around my house not knowing what to do with myself.

So... this is what it's like. Free time. Wow.

I don't even have to hurry up and pack a bag so I can catch a flight somewhere. I'm going to just enjoy my life till next Wednesday when I shall descend upon my sister's fair abode to eat up all her food and mess up her guestroom. On Thursday I have a luncheon meeting with some doctors and I'm going to teach 'em a thing or two. By Friday I'll be off to my mom's for Mother's Day. I hope the thing I ordered for her gets here before I have to leave Wednesday. I got her a DNA kit so she can find out the dirty truth about herself and that scandalous past we came from. I discovered a scandal when I did my DNA. Someone popped up as a close relative of mine. Someone I'd never heard of... someone who was adopted. She was an old lady and had been adopted at an unwed mother's home near where my relatives are from. My grandfather was 20 years old when the baby was given up so I'm thinking this adopted baby might have been one of his wild oats that got sewn. My mom is likely to find herself a half sibling. She has said she is interested in doing a DNA report, but we'll see if she back peddles. I may have to make her spit in the tube against her will. Her dad (the wild oats sewing guy) said we shouldn't look into genealogy because we'd get nothing but a broken heart from that. That sounds like a guilty fella with things to hide... He was a sweet heart. A scandalous, scandalous sweetheart.

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