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2017-05-04 - 6:49 p.m.


I have a lot of catching up to do. The last time I updated, I had gone to the eye doctor and found out I'm not about to make the Three Blind Mice a quartet. My new glasses came in and they are on my face even as I type this. They are helping a lot!

I went on the dreaded trip and while on the plane I started feeling like my nose and throat were dry which usually means I'm getting sick. I thought it was just because airplane air is very dry. Turns out, I was coming down with bronchitis. I went to the doctor soon as I got home and got a Z pack. I'm much better now. Still coughing a little, but overall I'm on the mend.

At the meeting, something wonderful happened. The expert who was there to teach the seminar went over several issues that the formerly liked boss is wrong about. One of the things was what she wrote me up for once because she said I was wrong in the way I did it. But you see... the thing is, I was right and YOU were wrong, Bish. She got called out in public.

So... the woman giving the seminar is on the team that wrote the manual we all live by, professionally speaking. And I know that manual backwards and forwards. I do what I do based on that manual and I consider the writers of it to have the last word on these matters. The formerly liked boss does not agree with them and thinks she can just decide not to follow their instructions. But she got outed at the meeting in front of everyone about 3 good times. Making matters even mo bettah, HER boss was at the meeting and was sitting behind me. So when the items came up where the formerly liked boss was outed as wrongedy wrong, I turrrrned around slowly and looked at her boss with my "see there?" face on. At the end of that meeting, my bosses boss invited me and my buddy to go to dinner with her without my direct boss. We discussed many things over some very expensive food. She was shocked to learn that I am often audited, because like she said, I'm an instructor. I teach other people how to do this job. Formerly liked boss should trust me to do my job unless something happens that warrants investigation. I should be exempt from the scheduled review thing, according to her boss. Her boss has known me for several years and likes me. I wish she would just tell my boss that we are no longer auditing trainers.

So the dreaded meeting was beneficial to me after all. It was good to see the formerly liked boss stammering and trying to defend her indefensible position. I think she still thinks she is right though. I think she will continue to instruct the employees to do things her way instead of following our established professional standards. Maybe her boss will decide to make some changes since she is now aware of the problem.

When I got home I had a week's worth of work to do in 2 days and if I didn't finish everything, the formerly liked boss would have made a federal offense out of it, even though a backlog was unavoidable since we missed 3 work days going to that meeting. Because of this pile up and the fact that I was sick, I decided to change my vacation dates so I will be off next week. All I have to do is make it through tomorrow and I'm freeeee for 9 whole days! Technically, I am off tomorrow as well, because it's a holiday at headquarters and corporate staff get to take that holiday. I decided to work so I don't end up leaving anything undone but as soon as I get my work done, I will be OUT like George Takei.

I did a lot of work today so I can finish early tomorrow. Next week is going to be a staycation for the most part. I didn't plan a trip because I've had all the airplane fun I can stand for now. I really want to just sleep in and lay around and go places on a whim, paint if I want to, maybe clean out my closet and run errands, get my car inspected, waste time, not thinking about my main job at all for 9 solid days. It's going to be so wonderful. I'm going to do the minor upkeep my second job requires and I'm going to go to one of those places and give a seminar near the end of the week. So I'm still working a little bit but the second job never pressures me or gives me any crap whatsoever. They regard me as an expert in my field. Fancy that.

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