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2017-04-23 - 2:21 p.m.

I have good news.

I went to the eye doctor because my vision has been blurry lately and I was secretly fearing that I had diabetic complications with my vision, or macular degeneration or glaucoma. Ya know... worst case scenarios only for this girl.

Instead of shrieking in horror and demanding to know why I am out on the streets driving a car while practically blind, the doctor told me that my eyes and retinas are healthy. He said I have "a little astigmatism" in each eye, a little farsightedness, and could use a light prescription to help see my computer screen better, but I have no major deficits and can manage my vision issues with reading glasses if I don't want to get into prescription glasses at this time. I am getting some glasses for work, because it makes me tired trying to focus on the screen while I am working. I have eye strain from poking my face into my 2 work monitors every day of the week. My right eye is worse than the left. The disparity between the two bothers me. The glasses are going to even that out for me. I have no trouble reading road signs, seeing the TV, etc. I just cannot read small print or see words and letters on my computer screen clearly.

I have to go on the dreaded trip tomorrow. My best friend will be with me, so we will find a way to squeak some fun out of this thing. I am seriously considering moving my vacation to the week after I planned to go because there's no possibility of me getting a week's worth of work done in 2 days and there is a very high likelihood of the formerly liked boss turning this into a failure on my part instead of understanding that while I am pretty darn good, I am not, in fact, magical. She won't be understanding about me not being able to get 100% of the work done in 20% of the time. Soooo... I might postpone my vacay so I can be all Even Steven when I bow out for a week.

Seems prudent.

I need to do all my Monday work today for my main job and my side job. I also need to pack and get ready for the trip, print my itinerary and hotel stuff, and I have things I want to do because it's the weekend... and I've messed around until the middle of the afternoon. I've gotten nothing accomplished. I'm about to fly into a dangerous frenzy of activity and get all this stuff done. Here goes me.

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