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2017-04-16 - 6:03 p.m.

I sat down here in my office to work, yet here I sit at a blank new entry page.

I am going to be off work for the first week of May and I just can't wait. I am soooo all about this break. As is always the case, I have something terrible to dread before my blissful vacation starts. I have to go on a business trip that involves a couple of flights, a hotel stay at less than spectacular lodging, and a sketchy ride to a place 30 miles from where we are staying because the formerly liked boss doesn't have a single clue about how to arrange a mandatory education meeting. She is too timid to ask the powers that be for first class lodging and pre-arranged transportation. She told us to buy our own plane tickets and expense them later. She told us to take a TAXI. We can't rent a car, but we have to take a taxi and how much money will a 30 mile taxi ride be?




I've been working for this company for 7 years. Every year, we are expected to make a trip to the company headquarters for a mandatory 2 day horribly boring seminar. The upside is they put us up in fabulous 5 star hotels and feed us awesomely. They provide all transportation and they do not book a venue 30 miles away from the hotel. So stupid. I just cannot... with this woman.

She reserved a block of rooms at a low end hotel a step above the Super 8. Every other year we have stayed in fancy, expensive hotels where our seminar was in one of our hotel's own meeting rooms. Like God intended. I'm very unhappy about this crap and I don't want to go. I didn't pay for my own ticket though, because I know that our corporation has its own travel department and I know how to go through them to get my travel paid in advance. The formerly liked boss just doesn't know what she is doing.

This trip will require me to board my dogs and take them to the vet this next week to get their shots updated before hand. Bleh.

Oh, here's the icing on the shit cake: She booked our meeting on a Tuesday and we travel on Monday and Wednesday. So Monday through Wednesday, we are not working. The weekend pile up will turn into almost a week of pile up that will be waiting for us on Thursday. I will have 2 days to catch up the previous weekend and first 3 days of the week. This is likely to end with me sitting on a pile of unfinished work at the end of business on Friday, when I am supposed to start my vacation.

There is no reason or excuse to EVER book one of these meetings on a Monday or Tuesday. They should always be Thursday & Friday so the weary travelers have a weekend to rest up before being expected to work. I don't know what I'm going to do, because I can't get the pile up fixed in the 2 days I will have before my vacation starts and I don't want to use one minute of my vacation time on working extra.

Let's think about bunnies and baskets full of colorful eggs for a minute...

I'll wait.

::deep cleansing breath::


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