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2017-04-12 - 5:20 p.m.

We've been having stormy weather here lately. I like it, but my dogs are not too thrilled. Dexter gets scared and Jax only reacts to the bigger thunder claps. But I noticed a funny thing about Jax. When a thunder storm gets going, he wants to be on my bed. He runs to my bedroom door and scratches on it and when I open the door, he runs straight for my bed like it's an emergency. My bed is too tall for either of my boys to jump up on it, so I place him on my bed and he immediately curls up and takes a great nap. Dexter likes to be on me when the weather is bad, because there is no safer place than my lap but he will actually stay up on my bed with Jax during a storm now. This is a new development. Jax must be persuasive.

I have finished my work for today... whaaaat? I got after it today and accomplished many things. I do have more that I could do... but everything that gots to get did today, is did.

I'm taking off the entire first week in May and I just can't wait. I really need a nice full week and the 2 weekends around it. Nine whole days of no main job. I will be visiting the side job in person to snatch a knot in a few necks over there. They hired an idiot to assist me. She is very resistant to instruction, let's say. I'm going to cure her of that. Some others in the place need a refresher on how our payment system works and I'm going to refresh the hell out of them. They'll laugh, they'll cry, there will be something for everyone.

I did a kind of a bad thing, but it worked out well for me, apparently. I have written about my fussy little neighbor who cannot endure the sound of a 6 pound dog's tiny bark. He's the only joker in the neighborhood without a dog. So naturally, he can't deal with dogs barking like the rest of us can. I wanted to be a good neighbor, so I went to great lengths to please this guy. I still like him, and I empathize with his plight. Dogs can be annoying. I gave him my number so he could text me when the dogs were bothering him. I took Jax over in person to meet him so they could make friends. I kept Jax in the house way too much so my neighbor could enjoy his yard, way more than a grown man should be enjoying a yard, I might add. (Doesn't he ever go to work?)

I was getting sick of keeping Jax in. He lives to be outside and he enjoys barking as much as the next canine, but he doesn't bark all the time. Plus his voice is kind of low volume, so I don't even hear it sometimes. I was thinking that my neighbor should maybe stay in his damn house once in a while or go to work. Be a man. Stop annoying my dog...He was just constantly out there in his yard (like a 4 year old) and when Jax sees him, he barks and I have to come round him up. So the other day I was out there in my yard and I peeped through the fence and saw that my neighbor had put a bunch of outdoor furniture on his porch and he had set up a bit of a party area. I talk to myself (sigh) and so I said aloud: "Oh goodie... he's set up a party area so he can be out in his yard EVEN MORE."

Then I saw movement in my peripheral vision and guess who was out in his yard, right close to the fence? He didn't say a peep and neither did I. Here's the crazy part: I haven't seen my wee little neighbor since then! Not a single time! It's like he just gave up. Maybe it's a crazy coincidence. Surely he won't stop using his yard altogether just because he has realized I'm tired of him being in his yard so much. I must say, it's been nice. Jax has been able to go outside and I haven't had to go round him up. It's been weeks. I kinda hate that he had to hear that he is getting on my nerves, but it seems to be panning out pretty well for me.

He does have a job, but he works from home, apparently. Working from home is a privilege that is supposed to be reserved only for me. And for my next door neighbors who don't ever bother me. Annoying people who cause me to have to be hyper-vigilant and curtail my puppy's joy need to go to work in a building somewhere else. Me, my neighbor behind me, and the couple next door all work from home. Wave of the future...

I must go cook. It's pasta and bolognese sauce, Dangerspouse. I know you have a burning desire to know.


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