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2017-03-23 - 12:33 p.m.

Here is me. Still alive. ::wheeeeze::

I'm a little better each day. Both of my parents also got sick by the way. I think we may have been exposed at the ill fated house showing. One of the numerous children was sick. They were not there while we were seeing the house but the house was basically a petri dish of roiling bacteria.

I have managed to get good and caught up with all my many job responsibilities this week. I'm waiting for the daily press briefing to get started. I watch it every time it is televised. I get a kick out of Sean Spicer. I like "Spicy". haha

If I were not so entertained by the amazing political goings on, I would stop watching altogether because sometimes I get apoplectic from the ridiculousness of Schumer and Pelosi.

It seems like a very clear cut no-brainer to me that there is a priority that should be followed in politics. As in all things, LIFE is number one. Whether or not you can keep sucking air is the most important thing. We have a Jihad going on. It seems like the Democrats refuse to realize there is a Jihad going on and that the Radical Islamists are not playing around. They have a goal that includes crushing our freedom and our lives if we don't comply with their religious views. The majority of Muslim people are not actively participating in violence against non-Muslims, but even when calculated in the most modest low-ball percentage, the percentage of Muslims who are radical and violent number in the multi-millions and they feel they are mandated by their God to either convert us, or kill us. "The West" is the target. In my opinion, fighting Radical Islam, strengthening our military and enforcing our borders are the only game in town. That is the only platform that matters.

In my personal life, I am very "live and let live". I have friends of varied ethnicity and sexual orientation. I am not racist or homophobic. I believe there should be no penalty or loss of rights for gay people, I am fine with gay marriage, I would never have an abortion myself but I do not attempt to stop someone else from living by their own values. I don't personally care if a male to female transgendered person pees in the ladies room, but I understand parents' concerns since that right can be hijacked for evil purposes by pedophiles. I feel that the simple, common sense solution is providing unisex bathrooms in addition to men's and women's restrooms. Politically I'm independent and moderate, but I am rigidly in favor of preventing my freedom from being taken and the only way to do that is rise up and be mighty as a country. Set borders, enforce them, and stop allowing political correctness to destroy our country. We must insist that immigrants to our country only enter here if they are ready to be an American. There's no room for stupidity like England has shown in allowing Sharia shit to be set up in their country. Islam is winning there. They will not be free for much longer. They are not really free now. No go zones? Please.

I have observed that American liberals are focused on what I call side issues. LIFE should be the most important thing to all of us because without that, nothing else matters at all. Freedom, Liberty, Justice come after LIFE. After that, economy and taxes. Then infrastructure and education. Even farther down the line are issues like abortion, space exploration, the arts, who you can marry, etc. Not that those things are not important, but they don't matter at all if you are dead. I wish the obstructionist party could see that we need to first neutralize the threat that our country is facing. Then we can fight till the cows come home for their right to marry a table lamp.

For my own personal agenda, I'd like to hurry up and get to tax reform, since I pay more taxes than a lot of people make. But I know that if I'm wearing a burka and I'm not allowed to leave my house or travel without a man, and I can be raped because Allah said it's ok, taxes will be the least of my worries.

I have an uncle who votes Dem because... union. He's worried about his pension. I have some gay friends who wanted Hillary to win for gay rights. If Hillary won we would have been much closer to Sharia law being implemented here and then it's but a short trip to executing gays. I don't understand black people supporting Hillary. Her idol was Margaret Sanger who was an outspoken racist and her life's work was about trying to get black births eliminated. That was the purpose and intent behind planned parenthood.

The eyeball deep corruption of the Democratic party AND the Republican party have been exposed. I'm disgusted with both parties. Washington is a big corrupt mess and Trump is not a part of that. This is why both sides are terrified. He is wrecking their secret deals and exposing the corruption.

It has been fascinating as Hell to watch all this stuff go down. I've never been so interested in politics as I am now.

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