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2017-01-09 - 1:04 a.m.

I'm madder than a wet hen... as my mom would say. I am down on the human race and mad at myself right now.

It all started during this past week when someone from my bank (where I've been banking for 10 years)called to let me know they have somehow misplaced the copy of my social security card that they had on file for my savings account. Why they couldn't just make a copy of the copy they have for my checking account is beyond me. The representative told me to come by with the card and they'll make a new copy. I said "I'm working. I can't just leave right now." She said "No worries.. just bring it by when you have time." This was on Thursday. I worked past bank hours on Thursday and Friday and to be honest, I forgot about it.

Tonight I checked my bank balance to make sure my paycheck was correct and all was well. Both my accounts show on the same statement. Since I am scrooge McDuck, I like to add the two totals and rub my hands together while laughing in a maniacal fashion. This night I found that my savings account does not show up at all. It is as if I don't have a savings account. So I'm hopping mad because this tells me they have disabled my account, which means that I have no access to my own money. I hired them to safeguard my money. I did not give it to them to do as they please. It is not ok for them to LOSE MY PAPER WORK AND THEN DISABLE MY ACCOUNT!!!!! This is so infuriating I literally saw RED. What if they decide to disable my checking account too?? I would think that if they know I am me enough to keep my checking account open, they could duplicate that paper work if they lose something from the newer account.

I mean, if they've ID'd me sufficiently for the checking account, WHY ON EARTH can't they verify me for this savings account??? It makes no sense and I am probably way too mad about this. haha. I need to chill out. I might take a xanax.

I am moving my bank account. That is a huge headache and I don't want to go through the ordeal of it, but if they can just suddenly disallow me from seeing my own statement FUCK THAT! I also dislike the manager of my local branch. It's a small branch located in the grocery store so there's only 2 or 3 workers at any time and lemme tell ya she is ALWAYS there. I never go to the bank and find that she is off for the day. I notice, because she hassles me. I have two legal last names, one married name, one single name and my 2 forms of ID have different names. She doesn't like this and has told me that I need to get it changed to one name. She hassles me over this every time I go in and the last 2 times I was leaving town, she detained me for a long period of time to hassle me about notifying them that I will be out of town so that my card won't be rejected out of state. This takes forever and both times I was in a hurry. We could have done this over the phone while I was driving, but no... she keeps me there until I am just about to snap.

I'm just done with them. I think I'm about to make 500 easy bucks off this other bank that keeps sending me offers for 500 free dollars if I will open a savings account and set up direct deposit.

The reason I am mad at myself is because I suck at handling life details. I normally keep my social security card in my wallet. Guess where it ain't? I can't find it. Can't imagine where it is. It's ALWAYS in my wallet. So now, if I can't get them to just copy my info from the other account that is obviously mine, and I have to actually produce the card, I cannot. I'll have to see if they will take my tax return as proof. Worst case scenario, I'll have to order a new card before I can access my money. I know that as soon as they tell me I can't withdraw my own money and close my account I'm gonna go cray cray. Fortunately, I have my checking account and it has enough in it to float me. I never dip into my savings. As long as my money is safe, it is not really harming me to not be able to get it right now, but it makes me beyond irate that they are treating me this way after 10 years of patronage.

I really don't want to change banks because I have direct deposit from 2 different jobs that I'll have to go through the process of stopping and then restarting to another bank. Also, all my bills are on auto-pay from this bank account. Ugh. I might have to rethink this whole bank changing deal. I guess it all depends on how they resolve my issue. If they make me happy I'll stay and if they piss me off more I'll go through the hell of changing all my auto pays and direct deposits.

I wonder how long it will take me to go to sleep tonight. Oy.

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