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2017-01-05 - 1:29 a.m.

And the fun just never stops!

Today I got the wonderful news that another of the downtrodden trainees is looking for another job! I hope she finds one and bails post haste so my boss can go into a major shame spiral.

We've had 2 sudden resignations and at least one more is on the way. One of the struggling newbies told my best friend that she is officially looking for another job as of now. She did really badly on her monthly review and honestly, I don't think this one has what it takes to be successful at this job. She is the one I had a really hard time training because talking to her is like staring into the eye of the chicken. She is an extremely concrete thinker. The porch light is on, but nobody's home. Some people just don't get it. All the others whose necks are on the chopping block are really smart and good at their jobs.

It looks like my other poor tormented student just might make it through this trial by fire. She's hovering right around 95% and if she doesn't make more than 1 more mistake, she will pass. I've got 8 more to review for the month so she has a pretty good shot.

There is another graduated student of mine who has been relentlessly harassed by the boss for the past few months and the last time I talked to her, she was on the verge of giving up. I emailed her today and got no response, so I am wondering if she has bailed. I'm going to try to contact her tomorrow and get the scoop. I wish these people would say in plain terms why they are leaving. It would be a valuable learning experience for the boss if she got slapped in the face with the stinky reality that she turned into a monster and ran off the workers and now she has a big crisis that she created with her lack of empathy and fervor to threaten, punish, and harass good employees.

The best thing that could happen here would be if the boss realizes that even though she deserves for me to bolt, I didn't. When she is out of her mind with worry about who is going to do all this work, I will be there to help her get it all done. If this doesn't get me some loyalty out of her, and she does another bogus write up after the crisis ends, I'll give her a new crisis to sweat over.

It's such a shame what happens to some people when you give them a little power and a title. It's all very interesting to see this developing. I would love it if we had 4 sudden resignations and the boss had to scramble to get coverage for all these abandoned work loads. Even though I will end up doing a whole lot of extra work, it is well worth it to me.


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