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2016-12-27 - 1:20 a.m.

I'm home safe. Had a nice Christmas with my family. My shrinking family. I had today off for the Christmas holiday and I have to work in the morning. I dread it, but I am not ready to talk about it at this moment. Soon though. Soon.

The Christmas celebration was really just immediate family. No in-laws. No step kids. Just us blood relatives. Oh, I take that back. My sister's first husband was with us. We are an unusual bunch in that we still love people even after they divorce out. We had 5 dogs in the place, running amok. Of course mine was the loud mouth of the bunch. Dexter is a yapper and the no bark collar did not work on him. It might work on him here at home when he is not so distracted. It works like a charm on Jax.

Speaking of Jax, I loaded my car to leave at about 6 pm this evening and after a weekend of vigilantly watching the door, and making sure no one let Jax out, my dad opened the door and Jax ran right past him. I heard dad calling him and I ran out to try to help catch him. We chased that little fucker all over the neighborhood and I was just about to give up and cry when Dad cornered him. Jax ran down on the side of the house where there is a sink hole and a lot of brush. He was just about to get out of reach when he hesitated for some reason, giving dad a chance to close in on him. I was so relieved. I feel like if he had gotten out of reach, we would have never seen him again. There is a busy road at the end of my parent's street and I was very scared he was going to make it to that road and get run over. It was really a harrowing ordeal. I wish there was some way to make him understand that he cannot run off like that. I need to have him micro-chipped. I know my dad was upset because he was the one that accidentally let the little fartknocker out. Fortunately, we got him and he is sleeping peacefully on the couch right now.

My mom went out at one point over the weekend and left the door wide open. If Jax had seen the open door, he would have been gone. We were just lucky I was on guard for that one. I'm going to have to keep them on their leashes at all times or kennel them when I go to my folk's house or something. No one seems to understand how serious it is that Jax not get out. People continuously leave the doors open.I spend the whole time in every family gathering trying to guard the door because of all the people going in and out and in and out.


I dread tomorrow because my formerly liked boss has turned into a massive ape taint here lately and I don't want to deal with her tomorrow. I don't want to talk to her, hear from her, or do any work for her. She is on my dookie list.

And with that... I shall sign off. I must relax, unwind, and then go to bed. Tomorrow is likely to be pretty un-fun.

Nighty night, rabbit.

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