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2016-12-14 - 11:51 a.m.

I love a Wednesday. I do not feel like working (this is becoming a trend) and I generally need to start buying lottery tickets, I think. I seriously have got to find ways to create streams of income without actually doing anything for it. Ha! This can be done, because rich people do it. Their money works for them. I have some money and it needs to get off its' dead ass and do some work!

I feel pretty good physically today, except I am sleepy and have no time for napping. I'm not a napper though. I find it hard to fall asleep when the sun is up. Speaking of sleep... night before last I had a hard time going to sleep. Usually, I fall right asleep as soon as I get in bed, but I had that distantly familiar feeling of a caffeine buzz and just could not drop off to save my life. I wonder if that bitter melon tea I've been drinking so much is wiring me. I didn't think it contained caffeine. The packaging doesn't have that info, but herbal teas are usually not caffeinated. I skipped my tea before bed last night and didn't have any trouble. It may not have been the tea at all, but I think I'll drink it earlier in the evening. I have gotten really fond of this tea. The one I bought is called DiabeTea and I got it from Amazon. Comes in a little black pouch. It has apples and cinnamon in it and the reason it reminded me of chamomile is because it's in there. I add a teaspoon of jade citrus mint tea from Teavana in my little tea pot and it is a very nice addition to the bitter melon tea. There's no bitterness in this tea. The name is misleading.

Full disclosure: Bitter melon is dangerous for pregnant people... just saying.. in case some unsuspecting mother-to-be reads this and decides to try it.

I'm trying to adhere to my diabetic regimen during the holiday season and it ain't easy. Especially since I ordered a trunk full of Schmidt Lebkuchen from Germany. I cannot even regret it. It's too good. It comes in a big beautiful treasure chest Tin. It's loaded with great stuff that I love. I will share this with my family at Christmas. I am not opening the goodies until then. Well, I opened a few. I'm going to eat every last one of these dark chocolate covered lebkuchen myself and probably the Vanillekipferl too. Those are crecent moons of crispety, buttery, vanilla-ey goodness. It's a "sandie" type cookie and I love them. They only have about 4 to 5 carbs each, so I eat 1 or 2 with a little protein and it's ok. The lebkuchen I cut in half because they are big. Just the half is about 15 carbs, and really, I'd like to just back my ears and cram em all down in one sitting. But... control. Must use self control.

But after Christmas, I'll knuckle down. You can eat most anything you want to if you limit the amount. Here's what my guy used to say about restricted portions: "That is just enough to piss me off."

Ok... Back to the old salt mines. ::sigh::

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