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2016-12-06 - 10:24 a.m.

I am having a good week, thank you very much. My student is on vacation - Praise the Lord - and this means all the tiring and tedious work I have to slog through involving her is absent from my life for this week. Oh, it's so delicious to be rid of her site for a week. They have a high turnover and I'm just over it.

I have a couple of things hanging over my head that are mildly unpleasant, but they are just little gnats in the scheme of things. Nothing too major. I somehow lost access to one site and now there is a task I need to do in there and I'm having to wait for the gate keeper to let me back in before it becomes a big ugly scandal that the task isn't done yet. Secondly, I have to compile a monthly report that I dread each month like poison and it's due in 4 days. Meh.

Otherwise... everything is peachy.

I have been a spending fool here lately. This happens to me every year. When I start Christmas shopping, I find things I just gots to have and I buy stuff for me in a rather reckless fashion. I think of it as buying myself a Christmas present, but it can get out of hand. I went to Costco the other day and there were a couple of guys doing demonstrations of these med massagers. It's a flat pad that you put your feet on and it vibrates your feet and legs. There are 10 settings. It is very good for the circulation. The guy said that spending 15 minutes on this thing is the equivalent of 4 miles of walking as far as your circulation goes. It makes you itch as the lactic acid breaks up in your body. This effect reduces over time as you get the lactic acid levels down. It was made for diabetics and people with neuropathy and circulation problems. It's good for spider veins and all kinds of stuff. It refreshes the feet. I had been walking around shopping for a while and my feet were tired. I tried it in the store and it made a huge difference in how I felt. I'm very excited about it, because I think it will be good for me and I got one for my dad too. His feet are always cold and he is a diabetic, so this will be good for him. I've already used mine so much that it doesn't make me itch as much. This has got to be good for reducing inflammation. I can really see that this is going to be good for my health. I use it at night when I watch TV and it feels good.

I also ordered some bitter melon tea and supplements because I discovered some articles about how bitter melon reduces blood glucose more effectively than diabetic meds and I want to see if it's true. There are so many positive reports about it, I tend to think it must be true. I will know right away if it works, because the effects are generally reported as being very quickly measurable.

I am going to make every attempt to make 2017 be a much better year than 2016 was. Basically, if no one I love dies in 2017 it will already be worlds better than 2016 was. But I am thinking this will be a year of transformation for me. Some thangs has got to change around here.

I am a sucker for a demo. Let me tell you. If I watch any kind of an infomercial, I want whatever they are selling. If I watch QVC, I am sorely tempted to buy everything I see on there. It's crazy. I ordered some cool outlets that have USB chargers on them, some smelly good stuff, some cleaning stuff that cleans any horrible thing off a surface without scrubbing... I don't even know what else. I came so close to buying a 600 dollar vacuum cleaner and a convection oven, I had to turn the TV off and step away from the QVC.

I used to employ a tiny lady who had a QVC addiction. I went with her to her apartment one day and was shocked to see QVC boxes lining the walls of her living room, stacked as high as she was tall. They were not even opened. It looked like she was moving. Boxes everywhere. She was a nutbar, but I can see how this could happen. I also have an uncle with more money than he has life left for spending and he is a QVC addict too. He buys everything. First world problems, yo.

Costco has these awesome fuzzy blankets that are soft like mink. Queen size: 19.99. Cannot be beat. I need another one.

Ok. I will stop now.

I'm only spendy in the Christmas season. Thank goodness.

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