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2016-12-01 - 11:42 a.m.

I have been having house guests since the day before Thanksgiving and my kid is still with me. I am loving it, since we don't often get an opportunity to spend a long span of days together. I feel a little bit guilty for moving away from her when we are together. She lives one state over. I know she would like me to move back there. I have tried to get her to move here, but she has a boyfriend she loves and doesn't want to leave. He is a mama's boy who won't leave the town he was born in. Being a military kid, I don't understand spending your whole life in one town. If anything, there are too many great places to experience and not enough time. I didn't mind moving around as a kid. Except when we left Colorado. I minded that in a major way and almost married a controlling asshole to avoid leaving. That is a story for another day.

My work load is do-able today. It has been a little tough to keep everything done this week with my kid around. When no one is here, I can just work at any moment of the day or night. I've been trying to keep everybody happy while being available to do things with my girl when she is awake. Luckily, she likes to stay up all night and sleep late. haha. How many moms say that? "If only my kid would stay up all night and sleep all day."

I have a new 5 year plan. I should roll this out on January first, but I know what the plan is already, so I'll announce it right now. My new 5 year plan is to find sources of income that will self generate. I must set up multiple streams of income that will keep on going without me actually putting in full time hours. This may take the form of investments, royalties, and/or virtual content creation. I already have some of this to a degree. I have a business alt in Second Life that sells virtual clothing and other goods that I made in game and put on the marketplace. My floor candles are quite popular. ha.

My dearly departed loved one invented a thing that everyone wanted. It made the scenery load faster in the viewer and word spread like wild fire when it hit the market. He was charging a very low price for it, but since every person wanted it, he was raking in a pile of actual US dollars for a long time, until the viewer developers got jealous and disabled it. At the peak of sales, his invention was the number 2 item for sale on the virtual marketplace and it was generating over $1000.00 USD per week. The number 1 item was priced at 4 times the price of his item, so whomever created that piece was raking in at least upwards of 4K per week. The reason I ever made a Second Life account was because I read that there was a teenager making $200 USD per week selling virtual surfboards! I had to get in there and see what it was all about.

I may have to go back in and beef up my inventory. My virtual store makes sales without me doing anything and the money just goes into my account which is linked to a paypal account. It's only generating chump change right now, but I could definitely take that as far as I want to, depending on how much time I want to devote to it. I just haven't had the heart to spend any time in there since the break up of my relationship. He kind of ruined it for me.

I've written some articles online and I used to get royalties for that. On a small scale. I could expand that.

I'm reading a book called "The 4 hour Work Week". Of course, I cannot condense my job(s) into 4 hours a week at this point, but I am working on ways to create something that will replenish cash flow and we shall see what I can come up with.

I need to go tend to my many tasks right this minute.

Happy Thursday!

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