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2016-11-17 - 11:37 a.m.

I did a bad thing. I ordered a big ole loaf of German bread and some lebkuchen from German Deli dot com. Holy crap... takes me back. That bread is exactly what I remember from when I lived in Germany and we used to eat a nice thick hunk of that bread, toasted, with tuna or chicken salad on it. The good news is this bread is 90% rye and only 10% wheat, so it has a lower glycemic load. It's better for a diabetic than other types of bread. Not so great news is the lebkuchen has no such benefit, It's a carbfest. I just want to sit there and eat them up. I am limiting myself to 1 a day, but really, I should be cutting it in half. Lebkuchen is not as sugary as most American cookies, but they are big soft gingerbread and there are about 30 carbs per cookie. That's enough carbs for a whole day for me.

I have to not order more. hahaha

I had a loaf of bread and some lebkuchen sent to my parents. They should get it today. They don't know it's coming. This will be a happy surprise. I like to send them a gift every now and then just because they are great parents and they have always been so good to everyone. They are also both thrifty, in case someone else needs it, so I want to make sure they get happy surprises once in a while.

I went shopping recently and realized that I hate to shop in person. I much prefer shopping online. Everything I considered buying out in stores was cheaper to buy online. Significantly cheaper in some cases. Teavana needs a reality check. Can you believe they charge darn near 80 bucks for one pound of my favorite tea? It's called "Ruby Spice Cider" and it is not even one of the expensive ones!!! It's a mid price tea. It is one third the price of "Golden Dragon". I could get a pound of Ruby Spice Cider for 50 bucks with free shipping and a free 2 oz. pouch of another tea flavor by ordering online. I've been doing the vast majority of my Christmas shopping online for the past few years. I need to get that done.

Speaking of getting stuff done.... my huge pile o work is calling my name.

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