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2016-11-16 - 1:34 p.m.

I have neglected my blog for a long while, since my vacation. I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger. It's been crazy and it's probably going to stay crazy since I can never seem to catch up with my many obligations and now the big family Thanksgiving celebration is happening at my house! I'm OK with this. I actually like to have it at my house. I won't have to travel.

Turkey Day prep is giving me the fire under my ass to get things done that should have already been done long ago. I had a guy come over and replace the carpet padding and re-stretch the carpet in the bedroom where my water heater flooded it several months ago. It's good as new. I am going to have the carpet cleaned just because it's time. It isn't really dirty. In some rooms it's downright new, because I don't go in those rooms. Dust lands on carpet and then after a couple of years you move the furniture and wonder why the carpet is a different color under the furniture than the rest of the floor.

I'm tired today. I stayed up way too late last night doing work for my side job. I wanted to be all caught up over there once and for all. I could have done it in the early evening and not stayed up so late, but that would be too sensible. Right?

How bout that election? That was one for the record books. I don't think I want to get all into politics right now, but I think the (unpaid)lunk heads who are demonstrating need to educate themselves about life, liberty, and justice and realize that demonstrating the results of a fair election is just an embarrassing temper tantrum. The paid protestors need to stop letting themselves be used by the evil George Soros. He has destabilized countries before by helping to open borders and influx a large number of Muslims in to divide and conquer. He creates racial unrest for a reason that has nothing to do with Black Lives and everything to do with destabilizing America for his own financial reasons. He has single-handedly destabilized economies, devalued currencies, and driven whole countries into big recessions by buying up their currency and devaluing it. He has admitted that his actions have very bad social consequences, but he says he is a business man and cannot consider those things while he is doing business. He was directing Hillary according to Wikileaks emails that I read, from George to Hillary, telling her what needs to happen in certain circumstances she had power over. And she unquestioningly did what he said. He would have been running our country had Hillary won and that is why he is promoting the demonstrations and heading up the movement to try and get the electoral college abolished. By the way, without the electoral college, only the states with the biggest inner cities - where the cheese is free - would have a say in our presidential elections forevermore. The rest of the states would be totally disenfranchised.

(I realize I said I didn't want to talk politics)

Since the election the dollar has hit an all time high, the stock market hit an all time high, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and others have spoken out, that they are ready to work with the USA. The Defcon warning level has been lowered to the lowest level possible. Canada and Mexico have each expressed a willingness to re-negotiate NAFTA.

Just sayin...

I do wish the liberals would realize they just had 8 whole years to be offended, boycott stuff, and sing Kumbayah. Now it's the Red's turn to live it up and celebrate capitalism. It'll swing back to blue one sad day and they'll get another stab at it.

The pendulum swings folks...

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