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2016-10-19 - 12:14 p.m.

My vacation happens at the end of this week. I'm jumping through my butt trying to get every little thing done so no one can complain. I'm excited about having a whole week and the 2 surrounding weekends to not think about work. That last statement is not entirely true, since I plan to take my laptop and keep my side job reasonably updated. I didn't even officially tell them I'm going anyplace, because everything I do for them can be done remotely on my laptop. I'm mobile, baby.

I'm not even going to think about my main job for 9 days. Woohoo!

The last Presidential debate is tonight and I'm all over that. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but I find him wildly entertaining. I love that little smirk that comes over his face when he is delivering a good zinger. "Cause you'd be in jail."

This has been the most ridiculous campaign season, but also the most watched and the most entertaining. Clearly, Hillary is a career criminal who's net worth is insanely huge thanks to bribes from terrorist countries and other enemies of freedom. The Clinton foundation is a front for their money laundering business. Book that. Know it.

Wikileaks has shown so much damaging evidence I am completely amazed that she is still free. I read emails from George Soros telling her exactly what he wanted done and she carried it out.

If she is elected, it will be the evil George Soros running our country, because she takes her orders directly from him in return for more power and money. One of my (intellectually challenged) cousins thinks the "propaganda" about Hillary is false, but I remember the numerous times the Clinton's have been in the news due to scandals and crimes over the past 30 years and I recall the things that are now being called "propaganda". The Clinton's absolutely stole many thousands of dollars worth of furniture and art from the white house. They were forced to give it back and pay fines. There have been so many fines and judgements levied against both Bill and Hillary. Bill lost his license to practice law for lying under oath about the sexual misconduct he absolutely did perpetrate. The slimy lawyer boss who fired Hillary for being too slimy to be a lawyer wrote a book about it. Hillary wasted 34 Million tax payer dollars on the shit show of a health care reform she was allowed to fail at while Bill was in office. She was the most hated and reviled first lady ever, I think. Benghazi, White Water, stock market fraud, etc. The many scandals are proven and a matter of history. The mysterious deaths of people who have dirt on the Clinton's is not proven, but there have been so many mysterious deaths connected to them, what are the odds of this just happening in nature?

Donald is arrogant, sometimes rude, says outrageous things, he isn't very good at arguing his self defense, and he is not a politician. He says things other people just think. He doesn't care about the house of cards that has been built by both parties making deals with each other through special interest groups and lobbyists. He will wreck a lot of hinky deals for them. He scares the shit out of both parties because he is not playing that game and honoring the unsaid mutual back scratching of the old politicians. I get disgusted when I hear of men being outraged that Donald said a famous person can grab someone by the pussy and get away with it as if they haven't all said inappropriate things. Because:

1. If you are male and have never said something ridiculously sexist or gross, you are abnormal or lying. I know I personally have said many things (probably today) that would not look good if I was running for Prez. And I'm an Effin' lady!

1.a. Also... Donald Trump has a history of giving charitably and of hiring blacks, Hispanics, and women for good jobs in the Trump organization. When he was talking about building a wall to keep the rapists and criminals from Mexico out, it is clear, plain, and obvious that he was talking about Mexican mafia, cartel types, rapists and criminals who do come into our country illegally for purposes of crime and drug trafficking. They just happen to be Mexican... ya know... being from Mexico and all. The issue was about building an impenetrable barrier to stem the tide of cartel criminals and actual rapists who happen to be from Mexico because we're talking about a border with Mexico. Libs turned that into Trump being a racist. One of Hillary's mentors was a KKK leader and her idol is Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood to reduce the number of black babies being born, because she hated black people. Known racist. Unfortunately a lot of young voters and old ignorant ones don't know enough to really look into things and tell the difference between actual events and bullshit semantics.

2. How in the world are we comparing rude things one guy said 11 years ago and crimes being committed CURRENTLY with half our country being LESS concerned about the actual crimes committed by Hillary and actual pussies grabbed by Hillary's husband?

3. The real issue is the future. The 5 supreme justices that are older than dirt and who will surely be replaced by the next president. We can't have George Soros selecting those judges. And he will if he is pulling the strings through Hillary.

The only issue that matters to me personally is preserving my freedom. That means stopping Islam from taking over our country and/or changing our laws. Islam has 2 goals: Calliphate and Sharia. Calliphate is underway. Islam is on a global mission to convert everyone to Islam. This is their way of attaining world peace. They think this is God's work they are doing. They've succeeded in taking over every country they have focused on and now they are focusing on the US. I saw a terrorist leader on video talking about the simplicity of the plan. Basically it is infiltrate. Become the majority. Change your laws to Sharia.

Under Sharia law, Muslims are first class citizens. Non-Muslims are second class citizens and it is the God appointed mandate of Muslims to apply pressure to non-Muslims to make them convert. So abuse of non-Muslims is legal and morally expected. Gays lose their right to life, women lose their rights entirely, it is not going to be nice. In the Islam faith, once the whole world has been converted, mission accomplished. Unlike other religions, that particular religion has in their holy book that non-Muslims are infidels and should be put to death.

I'm for religious freedom, meaning I am free to choose my own religion and can not be killed or relegated to a lower standard of living based on my choice.

We need a conservative president in office this time to appoint more conservative supreme court judges even if their conservative views seem like a buzzkill sometimes because it will be better to have freedom in a free and democratic society than to let liberal judges destroy our constitution and sacrifice our sovereignty, essentially aiding terrorists in taking over our land.

But I digress.

Didn't intend to rant.

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