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2016-10-16 - 11:42 a.m.

In preparation for my vacation next week, I had to take my old boy, Dexter to the vet this morning to update his immunizations. He used to enjoy going to PetSmart. I would take him in on a leash and we would shop around and only when we approached the grooming area did he suddenly remember he had left the iron on and must go home at once to prevent a house fire.

In his old age, he is changing in temperament and he hates to be left at the boarding kennels and he Super Duper hates to go to PetSmart. So today I was dropping him off for a day long stay, in which he would receive his shots and they were going to call me later when he was ready to go. This is not how it went down though. The receptionist took him out of the carrier, which was a big mistake, and he went into this mad scramble for freedom. He managed to get away and he ran like a dart, straight for the door at the other end of the store. The dummy who took him out of the carrier was yelling "Loose DOG!!" LOOOOOOOOSE DOG!!" Meanwhile, I'm running behind Dexter, willy nilly, screaming "Catch him, CATCH HIIIIIM!" When the employees hear "Loose Dog" they are supposed to immediately go close the door. This didn't happen either. Dexter made it all the way to the open door and a customer scared him back in the store. Only then did an employee scoop him up.

I hauled him back to the vet area and the receptionist told me that the vet thought it was best to reschedule because of Dexter's high anxiety and she recommended that I come back when I could be with him the whole time instead of doing a drop off. ::flat stare::

I explained that we don't have time to wait for a new appointment since I have to board him on Friday and all he needs is a shot. I asked couldn't a tech just come out and administer the ONE shot and let's call it a day? Do they really need all day long to give one shot? They could not, under any circumstances possibly just give a shot. One does not simply give a shot. So the receptionist looked in Dexter's records, called my boarding kennel and asked if he had to have that shot to be boarded and they said no. He has all the current immunizations he needs. ::super flat stare::

So all this getting up early, getting ready, and and presenting my terrified escape artist of a dog... was for naught. Bright side: He's good to go for the boarding kennel. You should have seen that little fartknocker go. He was like a black bullet, fired low. He was like "Fuck this, I'm OUT!"

We did get a complimentary jerky treat which he and Jax both enjoyed as soon as we got home. Dexter has zero problems right about now. He's chillin like a villain.

I had planned to do a little shopping while Dexter was at the vet, but I had to bring his crazy ass home and now I think I am going to go right back where I was, because PetSmart is next door to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I need to go in there.

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