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2016-10-10 - 10:36 a.m.

Yesterday was my dearly departed's birthday. I thought about him all day of course. I wished him a happy birthday, though time doesn't apply to him anymore. It barely applied to him when he was living.

"When he was living." WTF?

Anyhoo... It was one of those landmarks you can't help but observe when someone dies. The first birthday that passes without them... I have to notice the 20th of every month and wince. Grief notwithstanding, I am processing the death significantly better than I processed the betrayal.


The nephew didn't have much soreness where they removed a tumor the size of a gumball out of his soft palate. We are supposed to hear back from pathology to see if it was malignant or not. Praying for a clean report.

My dogs are enjoying a new level of luxury since I am now cooking them food instead of giving them dog food. They got tired of the food they used to love. Both of them act like I'm trying to feed them mud pies when I try to feed them what used to be their favorite food. So I am giving them chicken and rice. They are loving that. Dexter starts whimpering when he sees the bowl it's in.

My dogs have been quite yappy today. Every noise in the neighborhood triggers a barkfest. I'm thinking of buying tiny muzzles. They don't do a lot of barking in the house, but they love to bark in the yard. I have a new neighbor who gets upset about the barking so I am trying to keep it under control for his benefit. That guy is surrounded by dogs. Literally every house around them has dogs. All of us dog owners are unphased by the barking. But this new family doesn't have dogs and the husband has complained through the fence to me about Jax in particular. Jax will stand there and bark at him non-stop until I go out and get him. As a solution, I took Jax over to meet the guy face to face (because Jax is adorable and makes friends with everyone) and I gave him my cell number so he can text me for help if my dog is being a jerk. I am not mad at the fellow for wanting less barking in his life. Texting me when he needed Jax rounded up was a brilliant plan, but it went a little awry the other day. Dude texted me and asked if I could bring Jax inside so he could hang out in his back yard. I said sure thing, and took Jax in the house. Shortly thereafter, I got a string of text messages from the guy meant for his wife...and they were apparently fighting about money.


I feel bad for the guy. They are a young family and are apparently having money troubles. He was defending himself and saying how he was not spending money irresponsibly. It kind of made me grateful that I'm not married. I have compassion for this guy. He looks a lot like one of my cousins and he is a young hopeful dad. The text messages were embarrassing. After several, he realized he was sending them to the wrong person. But ouch. The damage was already done. Now I know way too much about them. Thank God it wasn't a sex fight. I haven't acknowledged the errant texts at all. I felt like anything I said might be worse than saying nothing.

I am on a countdown to vacation. Can't wait. I have a lot to do. I've got to call the kennel today and make the arrangements for my boys to stay there. I've got to get them shots if they need any. I have to map the route. Find a meet up point for me and my sister to combine into one vehicle. We live over 3 hours apart so we have to meet up someplace that won't take either of us too far off course. It's a long ass drive to where we are going. Only 12 days away.

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